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So I stopped smoking on the 1st of January after smoking for 11 years 15-20 cigs a day and have found it to be fairly easy to be honest don't understand why people seem to make such a fuss about it to be honest. I was also overweight at the start of given up the cigs have lost 2.5 stone since December 2012 and most of that was down to given up the cigs, I feel fantastic for stopping the benefits are just too damn good to ever go back, I save a lot of money, I can breathe clear, I don't get too out of breath from doing exercise anymore, I smell fresh, no standing out in the cold for a smoke. I mean why give all that up?

The first two weeks of not smoking were not fun but after that I have only had 3-4 occasions were I wanted a fag, now I never want one. Countless attempts were made to stop in the past 3 weeks was the longest I made it, but every time I always knew I would go back to it. I found this time if you change the way you think it helps massively.

I mean no one forces us to smoke we choose to and we can choose to stop, an inanimate object is not going to make me smoke it. find something to focus on and its easy. no patches no nothing cold turkey the best way to do it in my eyes if you can get past the first two weeks. Because after that you are laughing really.

thanks for reading.

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The right time with the right mind-set. Magic. :D



A very warm welcome to the Forum. You seem to be in a very good place. Sounds like this is 'the one'

Fi x


Spoken like a true quitter bestintheworld89, again welcome to the forum, and hope you have the strength to see this though - certainly seems that way! :)


thank you.

thank you for the kind words everyone.:)


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