No Smoking Day
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Bonkers or what!

HI all I have been on a training course today in the City center, I don't know what the weather has been like where you are, but its been Freezing here very windy and snowing off and on. we had one 15 min break this morning and the ahem, SMOKERS of our group could not smoke outside the building but had to cross the street and stand on a corner when they came back in the break was over, no hot drink for them! I am so glad i have QUIT! what a load of plonkers!

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I suppose that's what addicts do - hence the name.


Seeing things like that are a nice reminder of why we DONT want to smoke ever again!


Aw i remember the days of missing out on my coffee and rushing a fag outside. Then having to go back inside knowing that i am hoaching of fags!!!!


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