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Rewarding yourself


I'm on day 3 of Champix and am reaching a stage where I am really becoming aware of my smoking rather than just habitually knocking them back without thinking about it.

I feel like my urge to smoke is already decreasing so I decided to set myself the challenge (albeit relatively minor) of not having my morning cigarette break to see how I get on.

As a result I'm finding myself not missing the cigarette itself, but more the fact that my morning smoke is my way of rewarding myself for getting through the first half of the morning.

With my quit date fast approaching, I wondered what other people use as a substitute for rewarding themselves with cigarettes as I think this is what i'm going to miss the most.



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I know what you mean Mark, and in a way it's the hardest bit because the best thing is to NOT directly replace it with something else but change your thinking pattern. Basically, that smoke was NEVER a reward because poisoning your body and making your hair, clothes and breath stink can't possibly be construed as a reward. The reward was taking that little break, so still take that little break, get yourself a cuppa or whatever, and have a few minutes' time out. Be warned, if you do what I did and start rewarding yourself with snacks and treats it (and consequently your waistband) can get out of hand!:eek::D

What she said. But exactly!

Welcome to the site, and happy quitting :)


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