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Day 54 and endless illnesses

Woop day 54 and feeling GREAT in a non smoking way. Don't get out if breath walking up the stairs, no hacking cough, no huddling in corners away from the rain puffing on a soggy fag, oh and no panicking if I am nearly running out and OMGeeeee I smell of washing powder and perfume and shampoo and all sorts of fresh things!!

But gggrrrrrr I have literally been ill ALL THE time!! Cold, cold, gastric flu, cold and now THE weirdest virus involving temperatures Tonsilitis mumps a lot of snot and a nasty cough.

What the hell!?

Is this my body getting rid of the death germs from years of smoking or is this just the rotten weather and long winter and me being run down!?

Would love to know if anyone else has been literally a walking illness !?

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endless illnesses

Good evening Trying very hard. Like you I suffered all sorts of aches and pains in my early days of quitting. I reckon I had aches and pains where it shouldn't be possible to get aches and pains. I'm not a great fan of tranquilliser type drugs but I had to ask my doctor for some so that I could get some sleep the discomfort was that great. If it's any consolation to you I'm also a recovering alcoholic being sober some 22+ years and I actually found it easier to quit drinking than quit smoking believe it or not. That fact in some ways illustrates the magnitude of the nicotine addiction we suffer from. However take consolation it does get easier with time, I can say that with some conviction as I would have started smoking again if it hadn't. Hang on in there it does get easier it's worth it in the end

Michael a.k.a:lefoy123 in Glasgow


It's 60 days for me tomorrow (not that 'm counting!) and like you i'm feeling fitter in a lot of ways like stairs & breathing but i've always got a cold, blocked nose & slight sore throat - i'm hoping it's like you say just our bodies getting rid if all the gunk & minginess that we've had stored in our lungs...

Well done on 54 days :)

Denise x


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