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Day 1 - feel blessed to be ill!?

Hey Folks, Day 1 for me I am 3 hours in cold turkey :) so far so good.

I have been comming down with something now for a few days and I think it has come out today. Im kind of glad it has today though because I wont feel so bad about feeling grotty from giving up the fags as i feel grotty anyways! plus a good excuse to stay in :)

I really want to quit for good I really do, I have been smoking as much as i have liked in the run up and i really do feel crud all the time for it and i look like the walking dead! god knows what my chest is looking like :eek: anybody struggling should watch barb tarbox on youtube, 40 year old cancer victim, very inspirational lady, really made me see sense anyways.

Happy quitting xxx

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Nikki,I almost feel like I will make it my life's work to drag you through a quit if it kills me!!!! :D You are so up for this,and you do not have very far to shift your mind to get really 'on message' so this is the time to quit,it really is-please though when you do stop,say to yourself that you will not smoke today and MEAN IT-every day,make a positive choice just for today,every day, not to smoke.See how many days you can rattle up :D

Well said Nev!!!! (Who is Nev!!!!!) I'm a Daftie. Well said Maxwell !

Way to go Max :)

Fi x

And Nikki,

Go girl !

Fi x


I am so up for this so far so good. My body wants a fag but I dont want one. Its like living with two people for a few days, Me in my head that feels sickened by the thought of going through life smoking and that thing in my belly that screams 'you love smoking go on just do it'. I just have to wait to that thing in my belly to die i guess, which he will eventually I am sure of that.

anyways...I wont smoke today! xx


Great Nikki, this is the final quit for us, we will be and remain non smokers :D

Hope you feel better soon though, sounds like a day to chill on the sofa, watch a good film with a load of munchies :D


Day 1

Hi all

I am my millionth day 1 but I am very positive this one will be my last! OH is on day 13 which is brill and extremely motivating for me, I am going cold turkey and am currently substituting the smokes with strawberry milk!!

Good luck and hope to catch up with all you day 1's tomorrow on your day 2 :)


Brilliant Michelle. I am also a serial quitter but this is the one for me!

This forum has been a godsend so keep posting in good times and bad :D


Thank you MrsMash, I'm sure I'll see you around here a lot :):)


Good luck, hope u are feeling better, and keep at it!!!


Hi Nikki, how is it going?

Staying strong I hope!! :) Just take it a day, hour, or even a minute at a time if that's what it takes. Indulge in some yummy snacks/sweeties that you know will help to keep you happy and stay positive!

Don't forget to post here if you need us!



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