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Day 18 - a nicer kind of ill

Hi all, yep - day 18 and going strong.

Here's a thing i didnt expect. My daughter was off school yesterday and today as she is poorly (cold etc) and this morning i woke up and felt well....wierd.

I have deffo picked up the bug from her and have the usual numb headache and sore throat and weak shoulders etc but strangely it feels different and not as bad as usual. I know it could be a "kind" strain but i dont feel as shitty as i normally would. I feel more energetic with this bug that i normally would do. i feel as though i cna handle it. If that is down to my quitting then wowsers, thats cool.

Anyhow, hope you are all doing well


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Your doing so well and helping so many with your inspiring posts :)

Its great that your feeling the benefits to quitting with getting a bug that would normally make you feel so much worse

I know when i was a smoker i was forever picking up chest infections and having to use a steriod inhaler for most of the winter to help me to breathe

:eek:omg and still i smoked coughing what felt like my lungs up in alot of the time wtf :eek:

one of the big benefits since i quit is that ive not had to use an inhaler once or had any chest infections

Hope your soon feeling 100% again



Thanks carol, you are amazing and its great how you reply to so many people. For me, you are thre Matriarch of this forum - no doubt.


:o :o :o

Ahh thank you for those kind words Magic

they mean alot



Hiya Magic

Im actually glad you posted this, because i stopped drinking as well as smoking (theory being if I do relapse a glass of wine is less trouble on the long run and im less likely to cadge 'one' if im sober & alone lol)

However i had a shed load to drink with the girls on saturday night/ sunday OMG is that the time morning, and after just a few hours kip i was up and at em with the kids, it was ODD, yeah i was tired but not deaths door tired as ive been previously and i didnt look as rough as i thought i would/usually do

I thought it was a fluke - but if you feel ok despite being ill Im hanging on to that silver lining :)

Hoping this is the start of me seeing the good side of not smoking!


Ditto Sassy, I should have had a massive hangover on the last 2 sundays but they were not half as bad as before. Must be something to do with increased oxygen levels but I could cope and didn't have a 2 day heavy head \ chest.

No fluke.. Last 2 sundays! :D


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