hi 54 dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys

hi everyone

start of week 8 on monday. Last week i told you all about the ciggies i had on the side in my kitchen they have been there since ive packed up it was my way of dealing with it, but i finally got rid last week, well on saturday i fancied a ciggie it annoyed me so much because i cant stand the smell and i could not understand y i felt like that it lasted for half hour i never gave in but it did annoy me, could it be to do with the ciggies i binned and it was playing on my mind anyone got any ideas not felt like it since thank god, i did get a strange feeling when i binned those fags just picking up the box made me feel funny anyway another bank holiday hope everyone is being good


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  • Alison 54days ! You must be dead chuffed. it's a fantastic acheivement. Can I ask you when cigs started smelling bad. I realise I've only been quit 6 days but cig smoke still smells wonderful to me - so much so that I try to avoid it at all costs at the moment cos it makes me want a cig ! When does it change?


  • hi kazza

    hi ya

    it get easier as the days go on it was at least a 3 to 4 weeks but i never liked the smell much even when i smoked i know thats sounds stuped but i hated ashtrays and the smell of them it does get easier you are doing really well, how many ciggies did you smoke and what method are you using?


  • Hi Alision

    This time I've been taking zyban after previously failing with everything else. Patches depressed me and made me cry continuosly,gum gave me a sore mouth and losenges gave me chronic indigestion! oh I also tried hypnosis but that proved to be a very expensive and rubbish idea(and it was £95.00)

    guess this is my @last chance@ as it were. I suppose now I'm getting a bit older(42now) possible health scares have started to affect me. I' m ok at the moment (except for a slightly croaky voice) but for some reason I keep thinking about cancer and stuff. I really want to make it this time not least cos my not smoking hubby and daughter say I smell really nice instead of smoky. I suppose my problem is that I am having a really hard time developing the 'will' to stay quit.I seem to think of smoking all the time . My hubby says You have to WANT to do something badly and really commit to it. He doesn't smoke but was extremely overweight up till 2yrs ago. He realised this himself and put himself on a strict low carb diet. This meant nobread,sugar(including sweet veg),milk,fruit etc. It was extremely hard for him but 2 yrs later he is 41/2 stones lighter! Diference being he really wanted to do this and was really focused. He wouldn't let anythng stand in his way. I WANT to do this BUT I do not know if I am focused enough. Sorry for going on alison. I guess i'm a bit uptoght at the moment.


  • Hi Karen,

    Hope you don't mind me coming into the conversation, I quit 4 days ago second attempt, originally quit in march when I joined this forum. Stopped for 11 days and then broke it., I wished I hadn't cos I had to start this all over again. Im 42 as well and not a heavy smoker, but just like you felt it woz time to try and stop having had some minor health problems, and I too love the smell of smoke still I just wat that bit to go as well.

    im typing this now coz I have the urge to have a fag and just want to run down the shops to buy some, but not going to got to be strong keep it up everyone.

    Hello Buffy don't know if you remember me Im trying again!!!!!

    Liz x

  • hi kazza

    i know its hard but just keep thinking how much healther you will be and also in july its going to be harder. just give yourself some time it gets easier the craving get less and you dont think about ciggies so much im not saying they will stopp but you just seem to handle them better i hope this makes sence. sorry about spellings. i cant wait to have a lung function test done i had one done last year i went away to a healthspa with my friend she was ok cos she dont smoke but mine was terrible so im going to have the test done again to see if its got better i do feel so much healther my chest feels easier my food taste better and my sence of smell is better, and what i like is when ive been to work and come home my house smells nice and fresh instead of like an old ashtray. my hubbie smokes in the garden but i wish he would stop.


  • Hi Alison Karen and Liz

    Alison your doing so well it dont seam that long ago almost 8 weeks it will be 11 weeks for me tuseday. Liz and Karen you are both doing great the first week is the worse and your both almost done the first week. I was smoking 40 fags a day in the end. Never thought i would get this far really. But now I think it was bloody hard to get this far I am not giving in now and if I think back it is a lot easyer now I do get times when I think what am i doing this for but think i will give it a bit more time and see how I feel. hope this makes some sense all I am trying to say is we are not losing nothing by trying so lets keep trying and we may all do it. Linda

  • hi linda


    im glad you are still going strong 11 weeks thats really good, have you heard if boudee still about ive not seen her name have you?


  • I was going to ask Buffy later it funny she hasent been on for a good few days. Linda

  • hi

    yeh i thought that ive not seen her name for sometime, have a good weekend linda


  • Not a very good commnenter, haven't done any comments since I started unless last couple of weeks, but really proud of you, you started the quit bit before me but we are almost on the same dates. You are from the U.K right :)

    I'm from Iceland.

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