2 years

First of all it's great to be back, and really great to see so many people who I know still here and still quit. Also great to see so many new quitters around - this place helped me massively over the first 15 months or so and it will help you all too :)

But - Yep, it's 2 years today since I took my last ever puff on a ciggy.


And what a difference it's made, I'm hardly the same person.

I'm bigger (note I didn't say fatter) - 3 stone heavier, 6 inches on my chest, 3 on my neck and 4 on my waist.... but I'm also much fitter and was a skinny little runt beforehand anyway. I look much better.

On the subject of fitter, I have cycled over 2000 miles in the last 2 years and walk lots more too.

I would have never got back into that as a smoker.

Wallet is a bit heavier too, of course.

But the biggest change is in my attitude, knowing you can do something as life changing as quitting means you feel you can take on anything :D

Anyway, do I still want to smoke? No. Not for 2 years - I didn't want to, because if I did I wouldn't have quit. Do i still think of the ciggys? Occasionally, but only occasionally - but I don't want to smoke, so it doesn't matter.

If you really don't want to smoke, then don't.

It's not always easy - but stick to your free choice not to smoke and not your enslaved choice to light one up and you will get there.

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  • Hey Stu,

    Really great to see you here again. Always such a good supporter of other quitters, you were another who gave me to right tools to quit correctly and finally and for that I thank you. I missed your one year post and the 'little dance' as I was away so its good to be the first to say


    Large round of applause Mr Clever :D

  • Nice one Stuart :)

    Good to read a bunch of words that make good sense and clearly stated. Isn't it just great to come out the other end looking back to that previous limited unhealthy horizon that nicotine imprisoned us with?

    Totally echo your comments about hardly noticing the thought of a smoke these days...it is only passing and fleetingly at that.

    On friday I hit 2yrs 8months...but not without a few blips along the way. Although I must say that I was totally smoke free for the first 16 months. Then I had a blip, then another 5 months later....and a few more for the next good while. Not a smoker and not having to go back to square one.

    Let me explain...I'd blip but then after it be back to non smoker with no craves and only the occasionally thought of a smoke. This was after every occasion and so it made me think that there was another issue and not the nicotine that was causing the blips. We're humans, there always something else :rolleyes: but I got to the root of that and so far so good re blip freedom.

    It does help that there was at least a circle around the sun and a bit more before I did blip and think that set a good pattern of nicotine freedom.

    Anyway, not about me but actually your 2 years...woohoo!!

    Well done...fatty :eek:...you done good :)

  • A massive well done from me too Stuart on your two years quit, did the two of you do the dance again? You should post it again for the many newbies here now. Good to see you back and let's have more words of wisdom again. David.


  • Thanks Fi, Cav - I didn't know you blipped, but like you say obviously another issue and glad you got it sorted.

    Sorry to say no dance this time... but maybe for 3 years. The latest addition to the family will be around 10 months old by then so we will have a family "do" ;)

    Oh yea, We have our second child due end of October :D

  • Hi Stuart :D

    Great to see you here again and a Huggggggggggggggge wondercliparts.com/congratu... on 2 smoke free years

    You look so much better and happier than you ever did as a smoker

    I'm so proud of you it can't be put into words but will continue to follow you along the road

    Love and a Hug

    Mum xxxx

  • I didn't know you blipped, but like you say obviously another issue and glad you got it sorted.

    No worries, like I said...it wasn't a smoking related issue and the answer wasn't lying here in NSD.

    We have our second child due end of October :D

    Hey Great News :)

  • Welcome to the 2 year club bud.

    Big congrats on your 2nd child and the increased fitness.

    Good job you're on the flat over there or you'd really be feeling the increased mass on the hills, I do but at least the consolation is that I also feel it on the way down too.

    I did achieve my Black Belt earlier this year so one of my driving factors in my quit ticked off.

    Great to see you about.


  • Congrats

    Well done Stu, hard to believe you're on year 2, remember first turning up here and seeing yourself and others so much further down the track, being over 8 months ahead of me. The early days that seemed so far away but at 15 months it doesn't seem like such a huge gap anymore, strange.

    Shame about dance number 2.

  • Thanks, Mum - won't be long till we are celebrating the end of your 2nd year too :)

    Nic, thanks for all your help along the way, and congratulations on your quit too.

    Also, thanks for delivering Chrissie's congrats and thanks to Chrissie for thinking of me :)

    MAH - is it really 15 months already? Wow that flew by, congrats to you :D

  • Hi Stuart, big Congratulations, being quit 2 years is terrific and good to see you again. I remember your posts as I travelled my journey, always giving some good ideas and plenty of encouragement.

    You are having a second baby, how magic, I remember the first little boy is a handsome little fellow. Best wishes to you and Mrs H.

    Jackie xx

  • Thank you, Jackie - but please, enough with the Mrs H....

    She will go getting some ideas ;)


  • CONGRATS Stuart!! Nice to see you get to your 2 year milestone and even better to see you posting it. Well done! I'm so glad you're one of those quitters who relish in the freedom of being quit...... I still get those joyful moments when it hits me that I'm free and no longer have to smoke anymore.

    And for the newbies who are now curious about the little dance..... you can find it here ;)

  • Thanks Bella, and I really do relish in being a member in the half per cent club.

    Oh, and thanks for linking to the dance.... I really appreciate that :rolleyes:


  • HEY stu. Nice to see you back!

    Also it is inspiring to know what lies ahead...(never thinking of the blasted things!)

    Very weel done you!

  • Hi my Lovely Boy

    Lovely to see you here. dont get here myself much but looked in today and boy am I glad I did. CONGRATS quit buddy so pleased for you. Dont know way but thought it was the 23 you done 2 years( getting Old I am)

    Good for you and congrats to you all on the new little one.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you Jude and Linda...

    Linda, You were and are the reason more people that you know have come back again and again..... "If Linda can do it against all of the things she has had to fight, so can I".

    Massive congratulations on your quit :D

  • Well done Stuart,

    I am glad to hear you are still going strong, Congratulaions.


  • Cheers, Wayne...

    Happy to see you still here and quit too - it'll be 2 years for you before you know it :D

    Nice one!

  • Congratulations on your 2 year quit.

    Reading some of your posts have helped me a lot with my quit and it's great to know it does get easier.

    Well done and congratulations to you and your OH on the new little one

    Tinks :)

  • Congratulations on your 2 year quit.

    Reading some of your posts have helped me a lot with my quit and it's great to know it does get easier.

    Well done and congratulations to you and your OH on the new little one

    Tinks :)

    Thank you Tinkerbell - it does get easier, to the point where you can't actually imagine yourself smoking.... it's almost like another life.

  • Very happy for you Stuart , you and others on this form have been the reason I have been successful as well. Good to see your type here once again and hope its not a one time thing. Keep it up and a big WELL DONE from across the pond!!

  • I read your 2 year thread with much respect and I hope that like you I can manage to achieve 2 years without a blip, but I do realise that it is not easy and that like you I will have to keep my guard up all the time, there are so many on this forum who can say they have only got to wherever they are in their quit because of this forum, I am one of them and sounds like you are too, well done and I’m sure having Marg to support you and be your Mum is a great bonus, stay smoke free and stay on here and keep supporting with great words of wisdom, Congrats on new baby to come as wellx

  • Thanks Twiste and Jamangie....

    2 years without a blip is no different to 1 day without a blip.... just I've done one day without a blip a few more times.

  • Really well done Stuart, I have to say I read many of your posts in my quit and they really helped me. So glad to see you back

    Louise xx

  • Stuart

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary and the new baby news.:D

    Nice to see you back, don't come on here often myself, just look in now and again.

    Regards and best wishes


  • CONGRATULATIONS on 2 years of freedom, STUART!!!!! and CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition to your family! Jody

  • Thank you, for the wishes - and I will be hanging around, but won't be posting too much.... probably because when I did post a lot it was all about helping my own quit by talking to others....

    Now I don't need that, but will still post up when I think I have something worth saying :)

  • Well done Mr H. Nice to see another well educated quitter return.

    I too have taken up the noble art of cycling(commute to work @ 15 miles a day)

    The more I cycle the fatter I seem to get though:eek:

  • Well done Mr H. Nice to see another well educated quitter return.

    I too have taken up the noble art of cycling(commute to work @ 15 miles a day)

    The more I cycle the fatter I seem to get though:eek:

    Mr Pots - good day to you sir!

    Still doing the biking, but I'm very much a fair weather cyclist.... can't be doing with getting wet and cold! Kudos for the commute :)

    Oh, and you're not supposed to stop for a pie every few miles ;)

  • Congratulations Stuart,

    both on the 2 year milestone and the new arrival due next month.

    Sorry for my tardiness in posting but I am not on here much these days.

    However I simply could not let your milestone go without adding my own congratulations and appreciation. You, and a number of others, were so important in helping me establish my own quit. Without that support and inspiration I would not have made it as far as I have. So thank-you. And I look forward to your 3 year post.

  • Just a big Hi to another old name. I made it too not without your considerable help.

    Agree with everything you say on how you feel after two years.


  • Wow well done Stu !!!

    Doubt you remember me but wanted to say well done on getting to 2 years. I am back now and been quit for 9 days, hopefully i'll get to where you are.

    Well done again.

    Sian x

  • Of course I remember you Sian, And well done on coming back to quit once more.

    You can do it, if I can anyone can.

    It's not about being able to do it - it's about wanting to.

    Thanks for the congrats, and thanks to you F2Q and Deke too :)

  • hi glad to see people doing well still. mine will be 2yrs next feb still cant believe i done it . xx and a big congratulations stuart xx

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