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No Smoking Day
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Hard day today

It has been a very hard day today, really had to fight temptation to smoke.

I could have done with this in work today, I think I'm going to have a few tonight.

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Thanks Kat, it does help, having support, I just feel a little empty inside, I think I need to have a little cry.:(


Thanks Kat, my emotions are on a roller coaster at the moment, but as you say tomorrow is another day:).

I'm just off to let rip:D


hey Janeissane, your gonna have those empty days even weeks but they will pass. I am on day 51 and can say I am really starting to feel better. Im still not 100% and have spent alot of time down in the dumps but I can see sunshine now. Just hold on in there.


Hi Jane,

sorry to hear you are having a rough day... is there anything in particular that has made it hard? or is it just one of those days?

Either way, I know you will pull through :)


Thank you, I'm holding on for dear life. I am strong, I've been through rough times before and survived. :)


Hold on for a bit longer. It will all look different tomorrow. I had my biggest toughest crave at about 30 odd days and it took up most of the day. It was brutal. But I did all I could to distract myself and got past it. I have had nothing anything like it since.

I'm on 100 days tomorrow and feeling good.

Dig deep.



Well done for finding the strength not to have a cig today. You are doing so well:)

Fi x


Hi Jane, you did the very best thing posting on here.

Every time you get through one of these days you'll get up the next day that much stronger. You also feel really proud of yourself.

I got emotional for no reason for quite a while at the beginning but it passed. Hang in there sweetie, you're doing so well.

Molly x


Hang on in there Jane, It will get easier, and you will get stronger after each bad day, Just dont give in,:)


Hi Jane :)

I'm sorry you're having a lousy day - it really can knock it out of you!!

It does get loads better though, it's been a few weeks now since I got one of them. Lol, then I had to go out in my car and cry - how embarrassing :eek:

Well done for staying strong!!


Keep strong!


It's so hard when things get tough. I know - I'm in the same place as you right now. But you are strong. you can do it. We can do it!

Just keep going. A day at a time. You are doing great!





Sorry Jane I couldn't post earlier, busy busy day at work and I am still here. :eek:

I was thinking about you though, sending you all good thoughts. I hate those hard days, sometimes best to just pull the covers over head and call it a day.

You have worked really hard to get where you are so try to be stong and for sure you will come out the other side tomorrow even stronger because you didn't give in today!!!




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