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No Smoking Day
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Day 11- Extremely Long Crave

Grrr this addiction bugs me sometimes I have been doing really well last couple of days then this morning a massive extreme long craving, I did my usual things, breathing deeply, sipping water, eating kit kats, it was a bad one though...got through it and feel better...thank the lord...

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Well done Bossdean, I'm proud of you! Every single time you beat one of these things you are going to feel stronger.

Also each time you have one you know that the next time it'll be weaker and weaker still.

Keep it up and if you're still down, have a look at the thread I just bumped. That'll cheer you up and keep you busy at the same time!

Molly x


Keep going! Happy for you that you got through it! :) I've just had a nibble of a chocolate biscuit and I've now got a KitKat chunky craving badly...wonder if the vending machine has. I know I always say I want a kitkat - it's remembering to get!! Lol.

We have both managed to get to day 11!! Lets keep going!

Babs x


Hey Boss,

I'm also having a bad Day 11. Stressed out at work and struggling. Actually feeling quite low this afternoon.

I'm going for a walk now just to get away from my desk...deep breaths...


I had some long craving that I was certain would last forever. I am so glad to discover that they are correct here. It DOES get better. The struggles change a bit but if you find ways to adapt and hold strong you become stronger against the addiction. I am on my day 17 and things have gotten much better. It isn't what I would call easy yet, but it is getting better with each day.

I think it will be helpful in the future to look back and remember how difficult it was to quit. Even now I look back and think "If I lit one up now then I would have to go through all that again to get my quit back." It just doesn't seem worth it.

Up until now I wasn't seeing the positive parts in action. I was so focused on the feeling of loss. But now the good things are starting to really stick in my head and i am seeing them more and more. I am able to take a full breath. For 20 years I was cutting off a portion of my breath. It is brilliant to be able to take a deep breath and not choke on it. I much take 100 deep breaths a day. lol.

Keep pushing through. Everyone keeps saying this but it is only because it is true....It is worth it and it does get better :)



Well done getting through it dean

In the beginning I used to have craves that lasted from, now these timings are approximate remember.....6.30am (when the alarm went off) to 1.45am (when my better half would hit me on the head with her Timmy Mallet mallet to send me to sleep! :D)

It really was an all day thing at the start....but not any more.

Keep going mucker

You'll be fine


Take care



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