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Here Till The 10th August!!!

And so I've arrived with joy and satisfaction HAVING NOT FALLEN in MONTH 2.

So on Day 31 of my quit I can report ALL IS WELL.

If Anything As The Days Go Bye......I feel stronger and stronger about being able to keep my quit.In fact the very idea of me smoking TURNS MY STOMACH OVER:eek:

I will post here on Day 33.....I think daily posts are not necessary for me now....but the last months posts have made this quit enjoyable for me and kept me on the ball.

Not A Puff For 30 days...Long may it continue.

Next stop Month 3....I'll get there I just KNOW IT....1dayatatime.

Embrace Your Quit!!!!!(and thanks for all the kind support i have received on my journey into the UNKNOWN)


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Hey Douglas, i never doubted you would get to the 1 whole month! and heres to many more to follow :) , keep on posting, its good to hear your still on the back of my broomstick! :D

well done matey!


Day 33.

Holding tight on the end of the BROOM....KK.....Fly Fly Fly Away!!!!!!

Love that one ,''''''another day another fiver!!!'''''''

The quit is as smOOOOOOOOOOOOOOth as Silkworms.

See you all on DAY 36.....FRIDAY.15th .2011

Loving my quit and KK's STICKBROOM.:eek:



Well done Douglas, onwards and upwards my friend :)


Hey Douglas..this is a bloody long flight! hee hee. do we not get a rest break anywhere;) ...Well done you! Stickbroom:eek: (not going to ask :p )

33 days is sooooooo cool :cool:


DAY-36 has ARRIVED!!!

Thanks Blondie/KK:)

Its Been a TREMENDOUS 3 Days of BLISS.

Now I am truly experiencing the benefits of being a NON SMOKER.....Like a £150 shopping spree on EBAY......Wow you can buy a lot for £150.....In fact I've filled my whole apartment with radio controlled clocks....:eek:......and Gillette Proglide power razors:eek:...and black cats.......and SONIC 30000 strokes a minute Toothbrushes......and News of the world FINAL EDITIONS......and Fridge deodorizers and Trance Cds.....and the list goes on.....ALL FREE!!!!!! of quitting.

My health seems so improved Mentally and Physically.


I love my quit...and the cravings are now few and far between......I cant remember having any yesterday.

So its onwards to completing MONTH 2......Its a fair way I'll post again on DAY 40.

Embrace Your Quits......Quitting Smoking Is MAGICAL.....And So Worthwhile.




Craves Are non Existant At The moment.

I Have Given Up Looking at ReInforcement Material.

Seldom Now Think About Having Quit.


This Time I Remember Why I Went Wrong Last Time.


May It Last FOREVER.


Next Report DAY 50.(Unless I have a Problem)

But I'll Keep In Touch Till I Reach The PENTHOUSE.:rolleyes:

As I Enter Day 40 I Thank Heaven I Did quit AGAIN and Get Back To This Forum.


Best Wishes To All My JUNE QUITTERS.



HEY DJ....glad to see your still with me! ;) non existent craves! wow..think i want some of them, i must admit im still getting the wants every so often! but its a lot easier to ignore now..... A big Happy 40 days yay! :D



You're a StAR!!!!

I'm gonna be like you soon. Day 4 for me and i'm as hard as ever!!!

Thanks for your encouragement.



Its always good to be celebrating success!!!!

Your a winner... keep on winning! x


This Is A Powerful Film-Not for The Squeamish.

I dont know why but when I was watching this I thought of this forum and NOT SMOKING ANYMORE----Perhaps at 55 I didnt want to end up here through smoking.Even though the film is NOT smoking related It Is a message...HOW FRAGILE LIFE CAN BE.HALF Of All LONG TERM smokers will DIE from SMOKING related ILLNESS.Thank Goodness I have stopped smoking...Its TOO good to be true...But It IS TRUE.Dedicated To All The JUNE QUITTING TEAM.(And A Big THANKYOU to those kind comments above)



well i followed the link this morning and obviously wasnt awake, i was thinking when is this medical show advert going to end and we get to see the show douglas wants us to watch. the medical show advert thing was interesting and i was thinking a shame its just an advert! then it twigged! lol i'm a little slow eh :) anyway, great link i can see how it made you think of the forum, i'll watch it through tonight i think.

a youtube vid that i've found motivational in my quit is this one, the subject matter may be distasteful to some, but the parrallel between addictions is close enough for us to recognise the process and the difficulties.


Hi douglas, hope ur still with us! i can see your sleeping on the end of my broomstick :D not allowed! haha! keep up, & keep posting. it be nice to hear you :) like the link, and yours too smoker! .... hard hitting, and i still sort of avoid the health vids and info the same as when i smoked! i shouldnt really..its the best reason to keep us going.


Still Here-...4 Sure:Strong & Determined....DAY 44.

Dozing at the end of your BROOMStick KK.....but very much a NON SMOKER.

There are no issues at all on DAY 44 of my quit.

All is Fine ........but AGAIN...Wow..How Many smokers I see Around me in Central London.

i'm not tempted to smoke and dont want to smoke.

Its not the next 4.5 months I am worried about...I've been there b4.

Its AFTER 6 months.......but that is some way away......One Day At a Time....I'll get there AND BEYOND into the unknown.

But 1st lets get INTO MONTH 3.

That will be in a fortnight.....I think I can manage that.

I love my quit AND your BROOMSTICK...KK...Even if I'm dozing sometimes.:)

All the best to my June Quitters and all others.



DAY 45-Message To All New(ish) Quitters

You can stop smoking without too much pain......You must remember that if you REALLY want to stop YOU CAN.

The Craves are unpleasant but they gradually fade.

Why be tempted to smoke if you really want to stop.

I smoked for 20 years.....How come I can get to day 45.........Because I dont want cigarettes to damage my health any more(even if I was a somewhat light smoker.)....And 46 days ago I wasnt enjoying them anyway....They were tasting revolting.

Also At £6-£7 a packet Its Madness.

Theres no reason to smoke other than satisfying CRAVES.

It stinks out your home and your clothes.

Enjoy being a non smoker again.

It really is wonderful.

What more can I say.


ps I now look at smokers and say to myself...Glad Im not:eek: ONE OF THEM:eek:

Embracing My Quit more every day......keep flying KK.:)


Hi DJ the post, its spot on! when i think back to before the start of my quit...cigarettes did taste revolting! I had a constant headache and a cloud over me! (well of smoke haha) double meaning :o dark cloud...and now that cloud is gone.......

im still flying, while your snoozing:D

45 days plus done now mister, keep them days coming :)


Day 47.......!!!!!!

In recent years, the manufacturers' pursuit of maximum profits has led to the practice of using not just the leaves, but also recycled tobacco offal[1] and the plant stem.[34] The stem is first crushed and cut to resemble the leaf before being merged or blended into the cut leaf.[35] According to data from the World Health Organization, [36] the amount of tobacco per 1000 cigarettes fell from 2.28 pounds in 1960 to 0.91 pounds in 1999, largely as a result of reconstituting tobacco, fluffing and additives.

Taken from.....

So smoking A Cigarette Is Smoking GARBAGE.

I Love my quit more and more every day.

I Hope You Feel Great About yours.



omg that's just obscene! from the same page:

"At this stage ammonium additives are applied to make reconstituted tobacco an effective nicotine delivery system"

at first i felt a bit ripped off, for all these years i thought i was smoking tobacco and it seems ive been smoking twigs and floor scrapings! hardly surprising the stuff kills! no, your right though, the lasting impression is definitely loving the quit, best move ever!


omg that's just obscene! from the same page:

"At this stage ammonium additives are applied to make reconstituted tobacco an effective nicotine delivery system"

at first i felt a bit ripped off, for all these years i thought i was smoking tobacco and it seems ive been smoking twigs and floor scrapings! hardly surprising the stuff kills! no, your right though, the lasting impression is definitely loving the quit, best move ever!

I want my money back :eek::D



One day away from the Magical 50 DAYS........50 DAYS FOR KITKAT Today!!!

Its A Great Feeling Knowing This Is A Serious Quit And We(All Of Us) mean business.

Quitting ISNT a joke...Its very important and very serious...your life COULD depend on it.

Any way -The quits going fine.....So heres a Sad Song but celebrate.....

See You All Tomorrow.Life Is Good -Life Is Bad- Life Is Happy- Life Is Sad.




A Link To 10 EX SMOKERS....

Best wishes to all June Quitters.....and others.

All Is Well With my Quit as I Head Towards The Start Of The 3rd month NEXT WEEK!!!(not a puff for 54 days!!)

Take Care.



Cant Get Out Of Here Quick Enough!!!

A Week Till Month 3.

Time Flies!!!!

deejay.:)(alls A1):):eek::)


well done d.j. 2months will be1/3 of the way to the unknown, that unknown unknown, not this known unknown :) keep on keeping on, your doing great!


Getting On With Life As A Non 5mol<ER!!!

As JOEL famously said after a while the Quit fades into the background and you should just get on with life.....

Well thats happening ....There are no problems no temptations NOW......Later .....time will tell.....4 now all is PERFECT.

The quit is strong and healthy .

There are no issues at all.

So next report will be on Wednesday when I will SKIP into Month 3 .

See You There Next Week.

Embrace your Quit.

Its So So Good!!!!

thnx 5mol:-).



Hey DJ ....well bloody done matey,nice to hear you...2 months is brilliant:)


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