No Smoking Day
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Yayyyyy i made it over the first hurdle!!!

Well, am proud of myself, ive made it to day 2, woke up and had several coffees, instead of the usual....had to resort to chewy after about half hour, but not really craved to go outside and light up,

The real test though is because Ive been spending 3 days at my non smoking anti smoking boyfriends house, I have to go home today, and I will be on my own, where there is the temptation to have a sneaky i am a little apprehensive and worried that im going to fail after doing so well yesterday.....

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Oh no you won't!

Morning Kaz

We are both doing this and are both at the same stage. My hubby is back at work tomorrow so I will be on my own too - I work from home, so, like you, no-one will be here to keep an eye on me either. When you feel the temptation, keep repeating to yourself it will be worth it. I can be your quit buddy if you like so just drop a line on the forum and I will get back to you asap. We can both encourage each other!

It is going to be worth it, I just know it will.

Keep your chin up and think of me with my pen top!!!!!!!!!

We can do this!!! :)


well done to you both:D

the first few days are the hardest but it will get easier just remember to take each craving as it comes along and keep mind and hands busy reading and posting on here will help with both and write down your reasons and post them if you want to share if not just keep remembering why you have stopped

and one of the best things just think of all that lovely money you are saving to spend on treats for yourselfs :D

this forum is here 24/7 so when you get a craving just send a post someone wilbe here to help you through it

onwards and upwards



Im on my 2nd day smoke free too,13th day on champix! Everytime iv tried stopping before,that is what has let me down,the 'oh no1 will no if I have a sneaky 1'...dont give in..that 1 will just end up bin 20 a day again.

Good luck and hope we can continue our journey together,tomorrow is day 3 and ment to get that bit harder! x


Hey claire,

Well done to you too on getting to day 2, im ready to commit murder.....haha im so glad its the school holidays and my daughter is away with her nan over the next few days, Im usually the most chilled out person ever, but even the littleist thing is irritating me, so a few deep breaths and i keep telling myself 'Its no big deal, and it will pass'

And Italso seems as if time is dragging, Ive found myself doing housework i hate doing, ironing for instance, and ive even tackled the tip that my daughter calls a bedroom, just to occupy my mind.....

I think tomorrow though I may take a trip to the chemist, the cold turkey method is proving difficult, and Im getting jawache from constantly on chewing gum.....



I found another ashtray in my bedroom......its like a bloody minefield of reminders in my flat, I dealt with it the best way i saw fit.

Out of the bedroom window.


well done on getting to day 2 im still only on day one and I am well ready to brutually attack someone lol


Hhehe,snap,iv been biting the kids heads off for nothing today,poor little mites. The champix does take the edge off tho,in the past when iv tried to stop iv felt a lot worse than this.

Thats all we can do is keep ourselves busy,Iv done so much more round the house these past few days,can only be a good thing...but then again I can see myself getting obsessed with the cleaning as everything Im looking at is annoying me and has to be done asap,lol..

Im sure this irritable feeling will go eventually,im definitly going to stick it out this time! x


i really wanna stick to it this time as well but its killing me!!!! argh hoping soon the sweats and stuff stops!


Im kinda worried about putting on weight cus ive heard so many stories that people have, My ass is big enough as it is!!!

Siany, i understand where you coming from, Yesterday, my first day, I was cleaning up my fellas kitchen (typical blokey, but kept me busy) while he was doing 'man' things outside, and he kept asking for my help, and many of times i was getting sarcastic, and VERY annoyed when he kept saying, 'babe can you'....being a non smoker himself, and hes never even took 1 drag on 1, he just didnt get how i felt!!

Clare, Im worried about patches and tablets because ive heard so many horror stories, halucinations etc, i left the days of tripping when i was a teen, I really dont want to go back to that, so Im off to chemist tomorrow to get some sort of because chewing gum, and copious amounts of coffee are not helping!!!


Any of you guys on facebook? i kinda live there more than I am good to see also who im chatting to! lol


oh dear i can totally relate to that, non smokers have no idea at all. the funniest thing i ever heard was its easier not to put one in your mouth than it is to spark up! clearly never been a smoker.....have ur moods being getting really bad. seriously dont worry about putting on weight i mean ur less likely to get cancer right???? besides there's always diets if you do put it on :) xxxx


i dont use fb anymore lol x


I went into town on saturday and asked in a shop if they did nicorette patches, the assistant said im best to go to boots and they do free patches if i sign up for something????

My partner said ' the best way to give up is not to start'

Coulda told me that 20 years ago.....duhhhhh!!!!


hahahaha brilliant :-) glad I'm on this forum thing anyway to be honest its really helpful speaking to other people who are currently living in the seventh circle of hell :)


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned......

They were too afraid to create a saying for what us women are like with no nicotine, god help those who get in my way when p.m.t kicks in as well hahahahahahahaha


haha well im pregnant so hahahaha im guessing something quiet like myself :D


awww thats brill, How far gone are you? Im giving up to try and increase our chances of conceiving, and for the benefits when I do fall pregnant, so fingers crossed, me and Dean want to have a little one, and have for a while now.....


Im 6 months! That's great news....yeah it really decreases your fertility smoking so I believe. Its horrid I hate smoking but Its the withdrawal that is killing me. When are you hoping to concieve? xxx


As soon as possible, we have been trying for ages now, im 34 so not getting any younger, and hes I dont want to leave it too long, I already have a 15 year old daughter, whos totally against smoking and has been drilling at me for years to quit, so theres another reason for doing it.

I wish I had her strength when i was her age, peer pressure and wanting to look cool made me start, she hangs around with smokers at school but she still hasnt and dosent want to start, which makes me full of admiration for her.

Plus the health benefits to myself, and the cash I will be saving!!:D


im sure it will happen in time hunny :)


Well Done everyone for getting this far!

Kaz DONT go onto patches or NRT you are through the worst, after the third day ALL traces of Nicotine have LEFT your body and the withdrawls have peaked and are starting to recide, the LAST thing you want is to put Nicotine back into your body and withdraw all over again. I have included a link to whyquit it and this site is what got me through the early days of my quit stay strong and good luck

Regards Gary


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