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New life starts tomorrow!!

Hi all, i,m back at last! Failed in my attempt to quit smoking cold turkey last year. im now armed with patches and lozenges and ready to give this 100% first thing tomorrow morning. I am quite nervous about quitting again, but also quite excited and looking forward to it. Without a doubt i know that this has got to be done NOW!! I cant keep doing this to myself. I've made a list of my reasons for stopping, and i know that it would be absolute insanity to carry on with this addiction. No doubt i will be on here quite alot, i hope i dont bore you all too much!! :)

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Hi ya Denise,

Well done for making the right choice, and getting back on the horse!!!

Hope all goes really well tomorrow......YOU CAN DO IT! XXX


Thanks everyone. Im jumping on the train with a one way ticket. no returning to this. x x x


Hiya Denise, think you gave up at one stage when I did... So glad you are back :) I've been back on it for 5 weeks now & plan on staying off them this time!

Good luck & welcome back :D



hi there

denise you can do this , one day at a time , am on day 40 and believe me , I've had my ups and downs , i tell my self every day if you want a cig thats fine , have one , but everyone talking about a little voice that says YER YER YER HAVE ONE, mine says you fool , don't kid your self one drag will lend to 20/30 a day , am still only giving up one day at a time , but am feeling good at the min, believe in yourself X YOU CAN DO IT X


What a fantastic attitude to have, you will have a great support network here all the best in your quit :D:D


Good luck Denise123!! I enjoyed reading your post!!



Whoo, get the flags out!! Im so proud to say i made it through my first day relatively painfree. Just everytime i drove past a shop i would think 'oh i need to buy fags' , then i would remember that i dont need them. Had a good day meeting up with friends and keeping myself busy. Havent even needed a lozenge. Im not kidding myself that tomorrow could be a different story, but just taking things as they come. Thanks for the welcome, and denise 63, so glad you came back too!! High five!!!


Well done, keep going, day 2 tomorrow and it may be hard but will get easier by the end of week one. That's not long for getting our lives back. We are not giving up the smokes there is nothing to give up! We are freeing ourselves.


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