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No Smoking Day
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8 Weeks :D

Hi :)

Am 8 weeks into my quit now, and that means I have not smoked *at least* 1120 fags, and saved at least £448 - probably a couple of packs more than that by now 'cos of all the times I smoked "more than normal" which were far more often than I'd like to admit :eek: That's 672mg of icky brown tar that hasn't gone into my lungs too!! (and I thought smoking lights was a healthier thing - stupid girl :eek: )

Anyway, I'm trying something new today. Am going patchless (have got one in my bag in case it goes wrong) and going to try just using gum. I want to have a big whack at my nicotine addiction, not just stopping the death sticks. Am feeling fine so far so fingers crossed!!

Gemma :D

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Oh LOL you two really have got me laughing here!! :cool:


Proud of you Gemma!

I think if you are honest you didn't think you would be 8 weeks in. :D

Now ditch the nic bit.You can do this..i am clean now,ditched the Champix I am as God intended naked and free.:p

Thanks Max!!

You're doing really brilliantly :D

Am amazed I've gone so far, and am even more amazed I don't feel any different *so far* for not having a patch on. Well apart from not having an itch on my arm or near where my bra band goes - couldn't be itching that one in public :eek:


Way to go Gemma, you're doing soooo well!!! So happy for you, it's good to see a fellow Cornish quitter making it happen, best of British for going patch free, you can do it!!! Max, we love you, but TMI!!! At least get a fig leaf or something!!!:D

Thanks Kat :D

You're doing fab and I know you're going to make it too!!

Just need to shut the "why don't you try just one" voice in my head and I'm all set :D



anyway Gemma so sorry went off topic thanks to a certain person

What have you done with your hundreds of pounds saved then?

Bought something nice?

Many congrats for all that discipline,its not easy!

Oh it's funny don't worry about that!! :D

I've been treating myself to lots of new clothes, shoes and bags - typical girl I know :p - but it's brilliant to have new things that aren't ever going to smell of fags :cool:

Haven't had any gum since before breakfast, and am only now starting to feel a bit odd so think that's pretty good going :D


Hon I know EXACTLY what you mean! Every time it sets off I do a wonderful impression of Gollum (hands over ears - "I'm not listening, I'm not listening!") Fortunately like Max says, the gaps when it doesn't even occur to me are getting longer and longer. Flippin' cold chez Kernow this morning isn't it? It hailed on me as I left the train station and I've got the electric blow heater on in the office as the radiator just isn't enough!

Am doing that too - it's a lot easier now than it was but the "just one" voice is so irritating. It's going to get bored and go bug someone else soon though :p

Ooh yes, it's flipping freezing, we've had sleet and wet snow here but it hasn't settled!!

Another good thing about not smoking - no standing out in the Leper's Corner shivering :eek:

Bloomin cheek,i meant naked as in free of drugs,Nrt Champix E cigs etc etc .You made the connection to swinging bits I didnt mean that :eek:

Also I think you meant Fig tree,rather than fig leaf..

Kat-when you are in a hole love-stop digging.:D



Sounds like fun! Having been a smoker of roll-ups I haven't actually saved that much money yet but I've been very girly too, the £16 my tobacco would have cost me last week was spent on new PJs! :)

And I bet they're fab!!

Lol, I tried to smoke roll ups but was so rubbish at rolling I had to give up trying, but do remember it was a lot cheaper than my fags 'cos they were almost £8 a pack :eek:


I was crap too - had a little rolling machine, filters, papers and a little tub to shred the baccy into - talk about a ton of stuff to lug round with you! Once I started this job I never seemed to have time to pre-roll some and put them in my tin so I had to carry everything with me and roll as needed. I'd love to know just how much time I'm saving - between rolling them and smoking them I've got to be quids in!:) If I can find it tonight I'll post a photo of the ONLY advantage of rolling your own - when I was on holiday in Turkey I gathered a crowd every time I did it and some of the crowd were definitely worth gathering!;)

Ooh clever!!

Know what you mean about things to lug around - had fags, lighters, ashtray pouches and scented hand gel that i don't need any more :D

You've got to be saving quite a bit 'cos the last time I bought baccy it was the cheapest one and that was about £4 for 12g - and I thought that was fab :S The money we wasted without thinking about it!!

Lol, that sounds good!!

We had the builders in a while ago and it was very nice ot go to the Lepers' Corner when one of them was there ;)


I was really good at rolling ciggies,could do it pretty much one handed.:(

What a sad indictment.

Its actually the bit I miss most,rolling one.:confused:

Out of guilt though I made them really thin with hardly any baccy in,like smoking a twig it was.Soon before I quit,a 12.5 Golden Virginia,I could spin out for 5/6 days.

I kept rolling mine too thick 'cos I was used to the ready rolled ones and they kept going out - or they would burn funny :eek:

Tried rolling them thinner, and never felt like I'd had a smoke then - odd thing smoking isn't it?


Big well done Gemma.....you have cracked it!:)

Feel proud 8 wks is great...............


Well done Gemma :)

You got this in the bag already.....:D

Take care



only time for a quickie but very well done Gemma-lou, its frightening to see how much money could have been wasted on ciggies.

I know that you will stay strong

Donna :)


Well done Gemma, 8 weeks is amazing, you go girl :D


Thanks everyone!!

Am sure if it wasn't for the support I've had on here I'd have been smoking again by now :eek:

It's odd, but I feel loads better for being off the patches and on gum just when I need it, like I'm more in control - am sure I had less craves too!!

It is scary to see how much money smoking costs Nonny :eek: I wasn't even that heavy a smoker (did have my moments though :o ) but it really did mount up and I never noticed before!!


Well done Gemma 8 weeks that's fab :D don't worry about going patch free had to do it 3 weeks into my quit as I was having a reaction to them and i don't miss them at all.

So here's to another 8 weeks n another n another I could keep going on n on


Proud of you Gemma Lou :D

Just thin out on that gum now,and you are pretty much done.Right from the word go you were blazing this quit with a brilliantly positive attitude and so helpful to others.Dont ever be tempted to go back Gemma or have 'just one',disaster and ruin lie there behind you its not a good place to revisit :mad:

Thanks Max, that's really nice :D

Am going to wean myself off the gum - trouble is the one I bought tastes lovely :eek: - and then I'll be free of it for good!!

Ages ago I said I'd quit just after my 30th, but have managed before my 29th - would never have believed it if someone had said that to me 9 weeks ago!!

Ooh, I do have to watch out for the "just one" trap - have to admit it *has* been a bit tempting, the nico monster has been trying to convince me I can be a social smoker, and I know that's not possible - but am going to go on the NOPE thing!!


Great work Gemma. 8 weeks is really a big deal. Congratulations:D

Glad you are buying things for yourself with the savings.


Thanks Lostie, you're doing fab too!!

Lol, I've never had so many nice things, it's brilliant!!

Well done Gemma 8 weeks that's fab :D don't worry about going patch free had to do it 3 weeks into my quit as I was having a reaction to them and i don't miss them at all.

So here's to another 8 weeks n another n another I could keep going on n on

That's great, thanks Becky - and well done to you too!!

It's odd but I feel better without the patch on, more in control somehow!!

We're all going to make it :D


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