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Stress and baby stuff and new optimism.... Go figure!

The baby (6months old) still isn't going through the night and for the last week she's been waking up 5-6 times :-( my husband is the best and he does the lions share of the night feeds (hero hub!) but last night before bed I started feeling frightened to go to bed because I was dreading how horrendous it would be, when I got to bed I lay there stressing about it all waiting for baby to wake up every little stir made me grit my teeth, I got so stressed that I gave myself a migraine one so bad I couldn't sleep or move :-( and then she stirred.... Horrible horrible night... I went to sleep at 05:47, I got up at 07:00 but this is the funny thing, I'm ok and despite being so stressed I gave myself a migraine I didn't once think of smoking :-) I have a spring in my step today :-) xxx

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Well done, that is amazing, I know what it's like with a baby that wakes many times a night, two of mine used to wake every night about 3/4 times, I think I slept on average 4 hours a night over a two year period and know how stressed you can get from tiredness. I think to be able to go without even thinking about smoking is amazing progress, you deserve a medal.

You go girl :D


Well done Lois. I know very well how you are feeling. I have a 9 month old who has slept through the night 5 times so far. He used to wake up every couple hours, but now mostly just 2 times a night. I think changing night time milk into water helped. I did that by diluting formula gradually until it was just water. He was 7 months old then and eating solids well. Anyway, I too was up last night from 1.30 until 3.30. Sleep deprivation is really tough. Worst is if you could sleep and then cant. I think quitting brings its own challenges and stress that keeps me awake sometimes. Or maybe its just my body adjusting to life without nicotine.

The fact that I have a small baby and it really affected our family badly when I was smoking works as a great motivator.

Mums are made of steel, we can kick that nasty monster into the moon!



Great stuff!

Not the sleep deprivation of course - that's not great at all. And I remember it well. But the determination to succeed in your quit, despite the sleep deprivation is something you should be very very proud of. Not many mums would manage, so very well done! You are doing brilliantly!

Yay to you!




Thats really great; I remember those dark years of no sleep!! I also remember the tears before bed, how long will i get before he I have to pull them out!!

Well done on your quit!


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