Day 23 and first social outing successful

Went out last night, had a meal, drinks and no cigs, can't even say it was difficult because it really wasn't, even though when I arrived at the restaurant, two of the staff were smoking outside and I had to walk past time, did not bother me at all :D

Unusually, I am out again tonight and am guessing it will be a late one, with lots of alcohol, but am quite confident that I can do it :D:D:D

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  • Well done

    Well done! That is a massive hurdle you have overcome there! Really well done you. Have a great time tonight too!:)

  • Another good news thread! :-) Well done!

    It's surprising how easy it is to deal with these situations isn't it? I bet you could hardly imagine going out and not smoking before you quit!

    Keep up the good work and keep enjoying being quit :-)

  • Thank you both, if someone told me a month ago that I could go and and have a good time without having a smoke, I would never have believed them, as I just did not think it would ever be possible, as have never done it before.

    I am lucky to have great friends who support me 100%, even the ones who are still smoking! :D


  • Day 24 now, had a good drink last night and didn't get home till 4.30, had no urge to smoke and got lots of praise from my friends :D

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