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Fellow niquitin mini chompers q's!

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else is using the same nrt 's as me? I have noticed last few days getting through quite a few of the little white things and now worrying I have replaced my cig addiction to minis? I don't feel like smoking but panic if haven't got a pack of minis? Does anyone else feel like this?

I've tried replacing with just plain ole mints but not hitting the spot!

Any advice should I change to another nrt?


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They are quite pricey! I think I'll have to cut down as I am substituting cigs for them! I dont know much about champix- are you still taking it or do you take them whilst your still smoking?are you using anything else? Maybe I could cut them in half??i cant go cold turkey just yet!!!

Welldone max we have nearly a month below are belts!!!wahoo!

( it's been the longest f'ing month;)!!!)


I cut the lozenges in half. You can buy them cheaply in Home Bargains


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