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Welldone fellow quitters!!!!

I just wanted to say a massive congratulations to all you guys n girls!!!

I haven't been on here for a few weeks, but it's so nice to read n see all your posts n to see you got this quit goin on!!! Penthouse here we come!

I can't believe it's nearly 2 months since me last cig! I miss it but feel i can get over this smoking thing! Still have few odd craves but I can manage it and no longer rocking in a corner!

Welldone with all your quits we are bloody fantastic!!!!;)x

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Is it really you?

Oh my look it's our Wooders - achh so good to hear from you again. Feeling sorry for myself still that I am not alongside of you but alas back in the semi beginning grrr!! :mad:

Well this train is moving along at a good pace and gaining some steam on ya!!! See you at the finish line whoo hoo!!

Take Care



You must be psychic Wooders. Today I was wondering how the conquerors were doing, then tooshay posted, and I thought we hadn't seen you in ages...wondered how you were doing!

Almost to month three - great going!! :)


Sherri b your doing really well!

Welldone you! don't worry about the blip, I have had lots, this is my fourth serious one;) but most importantly u want to quit so you just got to keep going, only you will know when your ready and if you have a setback its not the end of the world by day you can do it!

This is our year! And just remember how good you feel and empowered! I love not having to wash my clothes everyday n not having a dry tongue in the morning! Also I have saved £220!!!! I have booked my mum and i a spa day and night in a posh hotel with this for her 60th! I would never have been able to afford to do that before! That was my incentive and I feel really proud of myself!!!

Save your money you would have smoked and treat yourself you deserve it!!!


So lovely to see you both still going strong!

Yep max your on my tail!!! Month 3 here we come!

Hawkeye you have def got this in the bag save me a seat In the penthouse!

Without you two I don't think I would have got past the first few weeks, Thankyou you for being my big bruvs on this forum!

I'm feeling good need to hit the gym I've been slacking but feel good!

How you two feeling I'm guessing enjoying not be at the mercy of the cigs?

I still pause and deep breathe by smokers! I've cut down on the nrt, are you guys still cold turkey?


Wooders and Max

Coming up to three months. So well done to both of you:)

Fi x


Well done Wooders, 2 months almost complete, great stuff!:)


Hey Wooders, yes still CT and Max is trying to marshal a load of half drunk women onto a train tonight heading for the penthouse :eek:

...which is where you're destined.... :)

So, in the true spirit of alpha male backslapping and supportive brotherly love... I'm leaving him to it on his own :D


Haha I think I might be one of the very drunk young ladies on that train! Penthouse woop woop!!! Save me a seat xxxx

Ct for you both .... I'm very jealous I can't seem to quit the nrt just yet I have cut down though.

Also my other half had a sneaky fag the other day - I busted him when doing the washing his jumper stank!!!! I don't think he will start up again he said it gave him a headache .. Normally I would feel jealous but not this time!!!!

Haze the penthouse! Get you that is amazing!

Hope you have treated yourself and feel very proud!!!

How do you feel? No going back for you now you've cracked it!!


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