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No Smoking Day
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nicorette minis?

Hi Folks,

I have been reading up on nicorette microtab (minis) and wondered if anyone had tried them?

I have tried all kinds to quit, so I was after something new and I'm planning to give these a go over the next few days.

Thanks in advance :)

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Sorry Paul, never heard of them, are they like digestive minis, or oreos minis? (maybe i'm obsessing about food too much, sorry).

Good for you on giving the quit another go, wishing you lots of strength and luck.

Lorraine :)


LOL I wish they were!

They are another Nicorette product: nicorette.co.uk/stop-smokin...


Hi Paul,

Im on the nicorette minis with my patches (lowdose of both).

They basically taste like small mints, you suck them for ten mins instead of having a ciggie.

It says on pack that you can have up to 20 of them a day but as Im also using patches I only use 2/3 a day when my cravings get really bad.

I find that they help me along the way and stop me from pulling my hair out at the roots lol.

Hope this helps

Cath x

They come in two strengths 4mg for people who smoke more than 20 cigs a day and 1.5mg for people who smoke less


Thanks Cath!

I have tried the gum, but it didn't really do anything for me, I was hoping these might give a little kick to stop any potential murders lol

So you can have those with the patches then? I haven't tried the patches as yet...


Hey again,

This is my third and final quit and the first time ive tried patches. First time CT, Second Gum (did me no good) and this time patches and minis.

I started on the high patches for 2 weeks by themselves(no minis). IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! bad cravings, no sleep, felt like s***. Then my doc moved me down to the lower patches and I find these work far better with the minis as back up. Hopefully coming of the patches in 2 weeks time and then I will say goodbye to minis.

They just give enough kick to calm u down I think.

You dont have to stop completely at first you can try them while you are still smoking, you just replace a few cigs daily with them, that should let you know if they work for you.

Cath x


awesome stuff, that has spurred me up!

I can go cold turkey for a few days on will power alone, (my record is 6 days.) But at some point in the attempt I have the worse craving and can't do anything apart from think about smoking, which I ultimately give in to and have to start again :(

Thanks again Cath :)


I just picked up my minis today, and spoke with the ladies at the pharmacy, who both have quit using them, 4 months and 3 weeks respectively.

So feel pretty positive about the choice (again thank you Cath!)

I also got a cool and free NHS stop smoking pack with a stress toy and charts and various literatures. :)

Now I'm armed up I have set my date and I'm gonna have a go :)


Good for you! I suggest checking out the tales from the quit link also. Its good to work at the mental side of quitting too though. I started my final quit with patches and quickly discovered good mental tools with this forum. It works. Take it from a previous olympic smoker! See you quitting soon!


Cheers Fiona!

I have been browsing the place and bookmarking the threads of interest, I will check those recommended by your good self too :)


Cheers Fiona!

I have been browsing the place and bookmarking the threads of interest, I will check those recommended by your good self too :)

Hi Paul,

How are you getting on?


I haven't started it yet :(

I got myself prepared and just for some reason couldn't summon up the will to proceed.

I'm quite disappointed in myself (hence my absence!)


or the inhalator is good for the thing in mouth, smoking action. You can use gum/lozenges/minis/inhalator with the patch as extra, as long as you don't go mad.

The patch gioves you a good baseline of nicotiine, so the craves aren't too bad. It's nice to have something like a lozenge or whatever on top, if you do get any craves.


Don't despair Paul. When you are ready you will do it. :)


thanks folks, I really need to give it another go.

I'm pretty negative on the whole thing now and I'm at a loss where to re-begin!


I found that its best to pick a date in say a weeks time where you will not be around smokers or be stressed, get all the things that you need sorted like NRT and then stick to that date, The first day, then the first few days are the hardest once you get to say 7 days or 10 days etc you have the willpower to say to yourself

If i start smoking again now the last 7 days of pain will have been for nothing.

Im on day 32 and its a lot easier than it was to start with and I just quit for a £5 bet but I wont be starting back on them!


I'm pretty negative on the whole thing now and I'm at a loss where to re-begin!


Stop smoking when you’re ready.

I think the way to have an easy quit is to have a desire to stop greater than your ability to think yourself back onto the fags. Easy to say? Harder to do? Maybe.

Don’t “plan” to quit. Don’t quit at the end of a packet, or a week or a year as you’re just adding to the perceived pressure.

If you’re not ready to quit today what could possibly make you think you’ll be ready to quit next week?

Stop the moment you realise the need to be a non-smoker, you’ve got all your non-smoking life ahead of you to pat yourself on the back if needs be. Better to quit once and for good rather than take a ride on the rollercoaster of success and failure.

While you’re still smoking do a little experiment. Simply make a note of the cigarettes you smoke and when you smoke them. A couple of days of data usually shows that you smoke ‘cos you’re bored, hungry, alone or you smoke because it’s that time of day when you always smoke.

My list:

Wake up, downstairs, kitchen, kettle, coffee – FAG.

Shower, dressed, feed dogs – FAG

Drop boy at school then drive to work – FAG

Arrive at work, kettle, outside – FAG

Mid morning, coffee – FAG

Drive home for lunch – FAG

Finish lunch – FAG

Drive Back to Work – FAG

Afternoon coffee – FAG etc

Everyone has a different pattern but usually it’s obvious that most cigarettes are smoked because that’s when they’re always smoked and it has nothing to do with the half-life of nicotine.

Once you realise you're not smoking just to get nicotine you've made a massive leap forward.

We quit smoking in the sub-conscious. Some need a little help to combat the after effects of the cessation of the poison we’ve willingly consumed in each and every smoke but that’s the easy bit of quitting. The hard bit is convincing yourself that you don’t want to smoke now you’ve just got off the bus for example. The brain says it’s fag time and you need to persuade it that it isn’t.

It might seem like a mountain to climb but if you can appreciate that a non-smoker has all the same stresses in life as a smoker yet successfully faces them without the crutch then you’re already into your climbing boots.

If you can see that the only stress a fag relieves is the stress of wanting a fag then you’ve one hand on the rope.

So many of us reached the summit and realised it was more of a stroll with the dog than a mountain and we looked comically overdressed.. ;)


Thanks quitter and indeed austinlegro, that was a fantastic reply!

I think I smoke mainly through boredom or when I finish certain pieces of work, I work from home as a web designer so when I compete a task I will go for a smoke. (and of course after eating!)

I think my will power took a knock as I injured my knee and was told I had to give up sport, but it healed well and I can resume training really soon so I feel better about quitting!

I think I will get some oommpph once I hit the gym again, I'm much more focused and driven in all aspects of my life when I'm in training.


i'm on patches and also minis, only use them 2-3 times a day when i really want to smoke, so far so good, they seem to do the job.:)


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