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Hey my fellow octoquitters

Hey folks

Wanted to let any of you know who i would have been chatting with on here know that im not dead... i think lol and that i havent gave up my quit!

Just been a lot of stuff going on in my life and i havent really been feeling very social havnt been online really.

Just wanted you to know i still think of you all and i havent fallen off the octoquitters wagon whatsoever, and im dead proud of that the last few weeks have been awful and i could have easily went back to my old demon friend but i didnt and its gave me the strength to face a few things that have been lurking for a while if i can quit smoking i can do anything!!

Hope this finds all you lovely people doing well with your quits and loving life as a clean healthy wealthy non smoker.

To my quitting triplets Christine and Frenchy ive seen you are both here and im sooooo pleased we are all firmly on the wagon XXXXXOOOOO

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Hi Elaine :D

WOW well done you 2 calendar months smoke free that's great


Marg xx


Thats fab news Elaine, I am so pleased you are still with us. Well done for sorting your life out and not smoking whilst having problems thats not easy as we all know !!!! Somehow not smoking does make you feel empowered doesnt it.



HI Elaine

Great you are still with us and well done on two whole months....

Get yourself into Month 3, cake , chocolate and lots of wine await...

Big hug



Very well done Elaine, great to know you are still going strong.

Wishing you all the best.



Lovely to hear from you Elaine and to hear how great your still doing with your quit, esp as you seem to have had an awful last few weeks of things.

Hope life and any urges settle down for you now and Month 3 becomes more calm and manageable all round.

Look forward to your next update

Pol x


Hey Elaine

Nice to see you my lovely, bloody hell 2 months can you believe we are here. I know you are having a busy life, just let us know you are ok when you can.

Big hug.


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