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No Smoking Day
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Day 19

Day 19 and still wanting a cigarette :mad:

I have started using an electronic cigarette for when I find it gets to much and to be fair I am picking it up maybe twice a day and only having one or two takes on it which has been sufficient (i don't like the taste) so I wouldn't have said I am reliant on it.

Then today, in-fact about 2 hours ago I realised I have miss placed the electronic cigarette and have found myself anxious that I don't have it. I know I don't need it but sometimes the mind is one big playing field.

How have you guys handled the temptation to light up?

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Hi Zene, sorry this got missed!!

Have been "smoking" post it notes for a while now :p

Just rolling them up (badly, could never roll a cigarette either so that hasn't changed) and sucking on it takes most of my cravings away. I get some proper funny looks in the office though :o


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