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Its SNOW Joke...Day 5 Complete

Afternoon All,

After giving all the big "I'm going to update you all day by day" - I've failed miserably :)! No updates since the end of day 1. The reason - Simple: Snow! I think I've replaced my nicotine addiction and progressed to the white stuff! :D

Seriously though, I'm 10 mins away from completing 5 Day Smoke-free - - has it been easy - ERRRR - NO! Its been tough - Physically and mentally. However, its also been so rewarding (Again!). I feel more in control and more alive.

The biggest challenges that i face at the moment.

1. Forgetting that I've Stopped Smokling - Its amazing how many trigger points I have - it seems that everything I did was either preluded with a fag or followed by a fag...or in some cases BOTH. Its wierd, I think "I'll have a fag then do that"....Oh no I will not!

2. Lethagic - I feel legathic - just can't seem to get motivated at work - which is worrying as I should be pretty busy at the moment!

3. Tight Chest - To the extent that it is tender along the middle of the rib cage - i think its tension - started to rub Viks Vapour rub on it!

The above three points are massively outweighed by the no smell, the healthy feeling, the money in the pocket, the sense of control and other benefits of stopping!

Oh look - Day 5 is now 2 mins away from being completed - I think I'll go and build another snowman to celebrate!

Cheers all and hope you are strong in your quits!


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Yep another insightful post I had the tight chest too as I mentioned before, I am now 15 days in and I have another weird thing occurring, the bottom of my left leg/shin feels warm a bit like warm water running around it if that makes sense? I am wondering if this is my circulation starting to work properly again its weird...anyway day 5 is amazing keep going you are doing so so well..


Yes indeed, well done on day 5! I think everyone's too busy replying to your 'back to day 1' post (which I thought was great) that you've managed to slip a few quit days under the radar! Nice one fella, don't give up giving up...

I experienced all the symptoms you've mentioned too. Not the "bossdean lower leg syndrome" though, sorry Bossdean, that's all yours ;)

Well done again Chris and keep us posted.



Aaaargh just sent you a reply on your smoking chronicles day 1.....I'm rubbish at computers an was trying to copy n paste but failed!

Just wanted to wish u best of luck Chris! Hope your going strong and feeling ok

Keep it up your doing brilliantlyx


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