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Day One - I got Through IT!

Hello All,

So as promised, here is my chronicle of Day One - 24 whole hours.

Headline: I got through it! :-)

I set out yesterday with a grim determination, a clear mind and a steely resolve. A resolve that is yet to be broken and will not be broken.

How am I feeling - A mixed bag really. I am thinking of smoking ALL the time, my chest is tight and concentration is wavering at work. On the positive side - I feel mighty proud and although my concentration is all over the shop - I'm doing more at work as I am not "nipping outside" on the hour, every hour for 15 mins. So net/net - I am actually more productive. It may also be because I've come to the office rather than work from home today - getting away from home, where I am alone and could be tempted to have "just one" - I'll face that scenario soon enough but for the first few days - I want to surround myself with a public safety blanket.

The other area that worries me is my snappiness. I've devised a "safe" word with my other half - if I get too much for her - i.e. too irritable the she says the safe word...which is…."beans"...don't ask why - just seems like a good word to use :-)

I've spent some of last night/today creating a workbook of websites, quotes, crave stoppers, hints and tips from this site and others - my quote for the day comes from Crazym02 who said

"As a smoker, you are constantly worried about all of these diseases and conditions that could come along any day and kill you, and you are constantly and consistently turning yourself into a weaker, unhealthier person. It truly is the most awful addiction in the world because it is a slow and painful, self-inflicted death."

That really rang true for me. Aside from that, I've uploaded, 4, yes, 4 Stop Smoking apps to my beloved Iphone - each with slightly different achievements to go and hit. I'm a goal sorta guy - so I want to hit EVERY achievement in these darn apps and I will - even if some of them are wayyyyyy in the future.

Anyway, thanks for reading (and you are probably asleep by now!) - hope everyone is strong in their quits.



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Very nice chris, I had tightness in my chest too the 1st few days I think it was anxeity and soon went so dont worry too much about that. Finding things to do is half the bloody battle I think, I have started lighting fires in a rusty old dustbin every night, it takes me ages because everything is wet through but it takes my mind off it, my wife is completely bemused as it is so out of character for me lol. The snappiness is still a bit of a problem, I am moody even 11 days in so thats still a concern as is the dizziness but apart from that your post helped me think back to the dark day of DAY ONE and how I possibly couldnt do that again, you have done so well getting through it and I look forward to reading tommorows diary.


Chris-mas Conqueror! Good for you fella, your posts are going to be amazing and well done on the resolve front. You'll do this for sure.


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