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I'm going to get through this day!(its a long one, sorry!)

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today has been one crazy day, and one long and constant battle with those nic demons. they are evil little mites and need to be squashed forever.

I decided after much positive support from forum members that I could make it today without patches and just rely on gum. I think previously I was panicing that I didnt want to be tempted so I just chewed nicotine gum constantly. anyway today Ive only had 4 pieces and I thought I would share whats happened.

The nic demon started to creep up at around 11.30am, i had a banging headache and was feeling pretty grim. a little thought came in my head about fags and I squished that straight away but as time went on and I felt like a battle was starting. the nic demon was saying your in a bad mood and thats becuase of me, have a ciggie and it will all go away. I knew that I didnt want one but would that ciggie thought go away.....NO!!! all day and tonight Ive been grumpy, grouchy and generally a moody moog. but ive not given in and I wont be doing either

My workmates have given me smiley stickers to help, low fat treats and my wonderful boyfriend took me out tonight for a surprise meal with my mum and they both praised me for giving up and sticking to it. they also said they would prefer abit of mooginess for a while rather than me smoking.

Im feeling positive that I can control these cravings with all the support I have, Im very very lucky girl.

for anyone who is struggling, its horrible but stick with it, read the stuff on here, message everyone, look at the websites but most of all believe in yourself and look forward to tomorrow still being smoke free!!

if you have ever seen the moog from willow the wisp thats me!! or my nickname for being in a bad mood, my real name is sam and I thank every person who has helped and supported me today. I hope to be able to return the good vibes.


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Hi there you are doing great and will be returning the good vibes in no time ;)

The cravings and feeling ease considerably after just a couple of weeks. You are in control you can and will do this, just keep choosing life today, each day.



sounds like you have had a similar day to me in a way. You have done brilliant! Sounds the same as the nic talking in my head.

We can all do this X

Hi Sam/Moog :D

You sound much better and so very positive tonight well done you have come through with flying colours that's great

Also wonderful that your boyfreind and Mum are so supportive and not put off when you have a day like this one has been

Got your PM and it's fine OK



Hey Sam.... you did great, really. I caved so many times during those dreaded first few days.... but you are still with us going strong and sounding strong and positive...... it is such a mind game..... after a tough day you are able to end on a positive note so that tells me you will just keep going XOXOX :D:D

Hi Sam :D

Hope you are feeling much better today and so pleased you won that battle yesterday



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