got through another one

well i have to say that since i got back from my weekend getaway yesturday i have been in this terribly depressed mood and getting the urge to smoke so badly but i am happy to say that i am feeling soooo much better now..i just exercised for an hour and i no longer feel the need for those horrible terrible life killers we call cigs!! im feeling healthy and happy that i made it through!!

i am approaching 14 weeks free of this horrible habit!! to all newcomers and ones who are struggling i know how hard it can get but it does pass but you have to really want it and be dedicated and you will do it! you are all stronger than you think. we are all worth the effort it takes to have a better lives!! we have the choice to take control or let this control us! make the right choice:D good luck all!!

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  • Blimey, 14 weeks IAQ. Well done!

    And exercising for an hour - omg that's probably even more of a well done!!!

  • thanks you dale :)

  • Well done Quitter,

    I am with you! Well said. I am having a wick day today too, would LOVE a ciggie but not going to have one!

    Jill xxx

  • Well done im a quitter. Glad to hear you are still doing so well :D

    Gaynor x

  • :-o

    Gaynor, Hello starnger, how are you doing? Glad to see you are back with us, you starting your quit again?

    Jill xxx

  • Hi Jill,

    Yes I am going to quit again tomorrow. Had a try Sunday/Monday. Didn't go to well needless to say :mad:

    Tomorrow is another day :D

    G x

  • Well done for Jumping back on the wagon Gaynor. You already know, but take one day at a time one challenge at a time. I have a feeling this is your quit :D

    How is you beautiful Grandson doing?

    Jill xxx

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