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My Oh My!

Hello all

I hope you are all feeling good and steaming along?

Well peeps, in true Victor Meldrew style ……. “I don’t believe it!!”

I have made it to month 4…..I’ve got my head out the ground and the rest is following!

Hello Mols, Hello Cymro ….. what d’ya think of my dancing shoes?.....

When I first started my quit, it was “by accident”…..

I knew I had to quit, I knew I should quit …………….. but I “enjoyed” it too much.

“How was I ever going to be able to do that?” I used to think to myself whilst sucking on a roll up or 3!

I was fully convinced I was a smoker for life…..and death……and I knew which one would come sooner!

So I did my first day feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof…..agitated, anxious, nervous, restless - mind twisting me in knots with smoking thoughts - every - single - second…..

“I’m not going to be able to do this…aaarrghhhhhhh!”

But before I knew it a day had gone by.

Oh….hang on….I’m on day 2….oh dear, what am I going to do now?

I wasn’t supposed to be able to do that……quick….get on t’interweb and find some help….am I doing this right? …. Is there an easier way to do this?

Surely t’interweb will have the solution… “knows” everything. (most of it incorrect or plain lies but it knows everything!)

In a matter of minutes I fell upon this site.

Then I found the forum……”ooohhh this looks interesting!”..…but I’ve never done forums before.

They’re always full of people arguing and falling out!

…but the more I read, the more I realised …. Hang on, this place is different!

So I joined – quicker than I could roll a smoke…..and I used to be able to do that pretty quickly I must confess… handed … whilst trying not to crash!! Eek! (STOOPID!)

I can now honestly say that it is only this forum and the people that reside within it that have kept me on this rocky quitting road.

There have been times when I have really felt like I could jack it all in, silently disappear out the back door and go back to my comfortable, well worn and well trodden smoking self!

But…..before I could even contemplate that my quit buddies are there, blocking the door…..linking arms and giving me a look!

………….and believe me……you do not want a look from Molly! Eek! :)

For this, friends…although I don’t “know” you, I will be eternally grateful.

I’ve said it before and I feel compelled to say it again, grab someone’s hand on here, hold on tight and keep going.

So…..we’re just in the train station, waiting for the connection from Crewe…. I wonder if the last leg of the journey is on the Orient Express?

Quails egg omelettes, jam & caviar sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer!

So let’s get the party started….surely we’re allowed a party for getting ¼ of the way to the Penthouse?

Cue music…….

Take it away Freddie…………

It's not easy love, but you've got friends you can trust,

Friends will be friends,

When you're in need of love they give you care and attention,

Friends will be friends,

When you're through with life and all hope is lost,

Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end.

Take care peeps




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Wooooooweeeee Greg well done, I knew you'd do it!

Welcome, come in, luuuurve the dancing shoes! :D

Of course we're having a party. We've been getting the room ready for you for a whole day! :D

You've done so well mate, and I know you'll continue to do better and better the further along we go.

You've got hold of Biggrin's hand, and mine, I've got hold of Karen's hand who has hold of Cymro's hand, who has hold of May's hand who has hold of .... well you get the idea. We're all going to the Penthouse together!

Anyway, thank you for your post, you never fail to brighten up my day Greg (my quit buddy) :)

Yours in awe

Molly (darn right I'll give you a look and more if you ever think about giving up on our gang!) x


Wow - wee!


Wow-wee, month four - I am so happy for you. It must be an amazing feeling and a wonderful uplifting emotion to know that you have done so well on this difficult but truly liberating journey!

You are so right about this forum, without it I would have caved in by now, for sure. But this forum works because there are people like you that are prepared to not only take, but give soooo much support.

Thank you and congratulations; you'll be in the Penthouse before you know it!





Bloomin fantastic. Well done that man :D:D:D xx


Oh well done Greg!!

You're doing so well, and you must feel so proud of yourself!! :cool:

Gemma x


Thank you so much all.

Shall we have a group hug? :D

It's touching to have support whether you feel up or feel down.

It gives so much strength.

Mols, I've still got the bruises from the last time you used your "pursuader!" :eek: ..... I daren't go anywhere!!.....GULP! :D

Think I may have to raise a glass to you all tonight to celebrate!

(still looking for any excuse after Christmas...hehe! :rolleyes:)

Take care peeps




Well done, Nifty...amazing inspiring to us all.....and you are right about this does seem like a one off...people are so supportive...not sure if we are just lucky..or the nature of our objectives...but I ain't gonna think too much about that....just so proud to be one of a group of such smashing is a real pleasure on here...thanks everyone.


Fab post ... very inspiring just what I needed to read after a bit of a tiring day.

Just slipping in to week 2 for me today but yours and many others posts are a huge help and proof that it can be done !

Donna :)


Think I may have to raise a glass to you all tonight to celebrate!

(still looking for any excuse after Christmas...hehe! :rolleyes:)


Yo Greg, how's the glass raising coming along mate? I hope you have 2 for me, I feel the need of them in this flipping weather!!

Molly x


Hi Donna

You're proving it can be done :)...well done slipping quietly into week 2...I bet you it's actually gone quicker than you thought? Just keep on trucking. :)

I may be sipping a little something Mols yes, thanks for asking :D

Just for medicinal purposes and will pay for it tomorrow exercising but hey.....we only live once....but now for a bit longer hopefully :)

The weather is crap isn't it?

I cannot wait for the lighter nights!


I used to love the winter, dark cosy nights sitting in front of a roaring fire, slippers on, sipping a fave tipple....smoking myself into a coma!.....NOT!

Well not anymore anyway...I actually want to get out on the bike and exercise.....I want to get fitter.....someone call me a doctor 'cos that was never me!

An unexpected symptom of quitting.....Awesome!

Right to get another to sip from the your honour of course!




Oh my god, how did I miss this post?? Massive well done Greg, Knew you'd do it....could see you storming ahead, man on a mission and all that!!

We have to keep pinching ourselves now that it's real but it so is, on my next blink you'll be shimmying into the Penthouse!!!

Will have a few (medicinal) tipples for you!!!

Massive hugs

K xx


Thanks Karen

You holding on tight?

Stuff the pinching chuck.....we're using the bumps and boots routine!

It's more street......more .... working man :)

Let's hug it out!! :)




Well done, Nifty...amazing inspiring to us all.....and you are right about this does seem like a one off...people are so supportive...not sure if we are just lucky..or the nature of our objectives...but I ain't gonna think too much about that....just so proud to be one of a group of such smashing is a real pleasure on here...thanks everyone.

Thnaks Cymro mate

Fancy stepping up and showing the good peeps exactly what is humanly possible in these shoes!!

M.C.Hammer had nowt on the 70's kids.....we had to have waaaaay more balance and rhythm just to stand up!! :D


Almost in tears...fabulous post...well done....!!!!:)


massive congrats

Its your time Greg! And that is all!!

You must be so very proud!!!!!!!!!


Excellent Nifty!

Superb, a quarter of a year. Very well done.


It's just so good to see you back bud. Someone seriously needs to get nifty in order, he's gone a bit mental since you left!

On a lighter note, I have finally got my boiler working. It packed in at -8 this morning but decided that heating a house at -2 was ok! I reckon boilers have gone and got themselves a union! :D

Molly(much warmer soon I hope) x


errrrr......who's gone mental!

It's rude to talk about people when they're still here young lady! :D

Great to hear from you again Big..and even better to hear how well you are doing.....warms the cockles mucker, so it does! :)


Sorry noddy, mental may have been too strong a word but Biggrin is back and I got a little giddy!

It's good to see him innit?


Glad to hear about your boiler Mols!

At least you didn't have a fit like I did.......strutting about I was like a bloody pantomime dame! :D

Hope you're a bit warmer now?


Sorry noddy, mental may have been too strong a word but Biggrin is back and I got a little giddy!

It's good to see him innit?

Very good chuck, very good :D


I was lucky Greg, And my boiler probs were nothing like yours. Yours warranted the dame routine IMO chuck! And on the plus side ..........

It was well entertaining noddy ........ ! X


Now listin royt Mully,

Oym nut gowna tike eny mure of yooour Noddy riferincis!

(apologies to all of the great people of Birmingham for a dodgy Slade accent. Other dodgy accents are available within the fact they are mandatory!)

Just because a man likes to wear dodgy suits, mirrored hats, HUUUGE silver shoes and his underpants on the outside with his initials on does not make him some kind of weirdo! makes him a 1970's gravelly voiced, heart throb, side burned, singing, hero, Super Noddy!


Wow, touchy much!!! SN you don't have to explain anything sweetie, you are our saviour, just come with me now, yes that's right, just into this room here chuck, it's just for you lovey, I know, it is padded but it's only for your own comfort sweetie, other men are going to join you in a min, Nicfirth, philfromwales, StuartH, loads of them, they are the cycle gang!

And, the excellent part is, no fish involved at all!

Molly x


That's option!


Now that's just toooooo good mate! You're defo going in da room! X


Wow Greg that's glam rock at its best, albeit the bar isn't very high, is it!:p

Really great to see you lot supporting each other so well it reminds me of the awesome crowd we had when I was in the early stages.

Massive congrats Greg on getting to month 4, its funny how life seems to chuck stuff at you when you are at your most vulnerable and its always great to thumb your nose at it and not let it break you.

Keep it up guys, and gals, you are an inspiration to all those New Years quitters!


Quite looking forward to it chuck....can you give me some of those big red pills you got too? ... the ones that make you sleep for about 3 week...I'm knackered!

Oh and can I bring my pet fish?

He died years ago so I had him stuffed ..... with gravel!

Gives a better finish to the cheek and chin!

Will we get jelly sandwiches? I like jelly sandwiches.....especially with brown sauce!

shuffle...shuffle...shuffle.....why are you locking the door?

Where you going......??

Awwww shnaza fracka shnaza frackasnash!


Shhh Greg, did you see what Nicfirth wrote just before you! It's like praise from the teacher! Wow, you're teachers pet you are! He bikes though! X


That's what is so endearing about him Mols! :p

Thanks Nic, I do feel a strong bond to these guys.....I do actually believe we're going to make it. Hope the sciatica is getting better....we need to get out on the bikes.....

Especially as Mols hates it so much :)





Thanks Greg, the pain has gone but so has most of the feeling in my foot :confused: The doc has referred me to the orthopaedic unit at the local hospital to see if they can work out what's going on. So no Lycra clad gadding about at the moment, besides which we are expecting snowmageddon here tomorrow.

Teacher's pet Molly? Have you brought me in an apple :D I only learned what others taught me on here. This place secured my quit and its nice to see others succeeding and following in my footsteps, just as I followed in the footsteps of others and how people will follow in yours!


Rocking it Nifty mate!!! Quarter of a year is blinking great!!!!!! :D

Just for you dude!!....


Well done Nifty


4 months! You are sailing through this. And I am following :)

Keep on enjoying the health!


I'm waving at you all from the penthouse. Can you see me? This way! That's it, keep hold of each other's hands, stop messing about with bloody fish, keep going because the journey gets easy and easier now, and when you lot get here we are going to paaartaaay.

I'm going to practice my party dance now. This is about my choreographic standard:


Top choon H :D

What else do you need?

Shockingly loud clothes, ridiculous hairstyle, dodgy footwear and to be quite honest .... a dangerous and near fatal dance?! :D

Come on, swing those arms! :)

Keep the party going, we'll all be there soon. :)


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