Back with my tail between my legs!!

Hi everyone

I joined this forum in October last year when I quit cold turkey. It went really well and I was happily smoke free for two months and then I stupidly smoked when I was out drinking one night. Before I knew it I was back to 20 a day :eek:

So here I am again - ready to have another try and begging you all for your help and support. I only got through it last time because of the help I got from all you lovely people :)

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  • Never mind Nellie! You're back here trying again - just the same as the rest of us. I only joined today but welcome back anyway!!:o


    Aw I do remember you going so well, and then your night out and you smoking again - so glad you're back on track again, real proud of you :) x x

  • Welcome home Nellie x x x x

    So glad your back with us!! :D

    Hello cword, Welcome on board too! x x

    Congratulations to you both,

    on your quits ;)

  • Thanks Buffy - you are my first "welcomer".....and I needed that.:o

  • Thanks Buffy - you are my first "welcomer".....and I needed that.:o

    Aw *Hugs* x x x x

    Write a hello post and you will be inunndated ;)

    We are a welcoming bunch.

    tell us about yourself x x x x

  • Thanks very much all 3 of you :) Welcome cword - perhaps we can support each other through this! Buffy and Francesca - you were such a big help last time and it's great to know you're still here.

    I've got 2 cigarettes left and I'm planning Day 1 for tomorrow. I know what I've got to do - just hope I have the resolve to stay strong!

    The two months I had smoke free were just great and god only knows why I started again. Still at least I know now that for me there's no such thing as "having one fag won't hurt!" IT WILL

    Looking forward to not smelling tomorrow :D:D

  • Hi Nellie - YAY Welcome home!! You can do it this time :D

    Hi Cword - Welcome to the forum 746

    Day one is a huge step and I am very proud of you guys for making the best decision ever! Keep on the right pays off!

  • Thanks Buffy - you are my first "welcomer".....and I needed that.:o

    omg honey, forgive me for being so rude! of course you are welcome too, and I'm looking forward to cheering you every step of the way :) Keep us posted and well done for making the most important decision of your life!

  • Welcome both you will have great support here. We are all going the same way (smoke free). Keep posting. Linda xxxxxxxx

  • Thanks all (and sorry to crash Nellies thread ....)

    BTW it's my first day on the forum not my quit date.

  • Oh don't worry x x jump in anywhere!!

    When you quitting? are you going to use NRT

  • Oh don't worry x x jump in anywhere!!

    When you quitting? are you going to use NRTThis was my first post this morning- tells my story so far.....

    New boy Here

    Hello all! My first post here - so be nice!!

    I’m on day 8 at the moment (thanks to Champix). Saved £72.75 so far and not put 323 fags into my body.

    I would like to say it’s been a real struggle, but the fact is (so far) it hasn’t. I must be really lucky or Champix is a REAL wonder drug. Last night was the first time I felt a bit edgy and doubted that I can really do this thing. However this morning is here, I still haven’t fallen off the wagon and in three days I will have an extra £100 I wouldn’t have had otherwise.At this rate I’ll soon be able to afford a Coke habit!!! (JOKE!)

  • Good job! Roll on day 9 - you are doing amazing. Sniff, sniff - No, no don't do coke with he extra cash!!! :p (JOKE)!

    Actually you eventually squander the money and have no clue where it ran off to, but we know where it didn't go - to the nasty ciggies!

    Congrats to you - keep goin!!

  • Well done you!

    I'll be joining you tomorrow :D

  • Missed that post!! :eek: so sorry x x x

    you must of felt left out. :o

    cword!! you know that stuff rots your teeth so much sugar in every can :rolleyes:

    Nellie x x

    We'll be keeping an eye out for you tomorrow!

    Chin up breath deep x x

  • WElcome to you both. Lets get started for a lovely smoke free spring and summer What What ? xxx Good luck mates :)

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