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Early but it's busy. Oh yes it is!

Hi guys,

I reach the month 4 room on Sunday but I'm going to be busy over the weekend. We have our last singing and dancing rehearsals before panto dress reahearsals. God knows when I am going to get a chance to get on and post so I'll do it now. 4 months . Go me! I feel absolutely incredible and so proud of myself.

Also have to say, I have a cold at the minute. This is nowhere near as bad as it would have been when I was a smoker. Obviously things get better in your body and this to me is the first sign.

I'm happy to see so many people getting on with their quits. It does get easier as you go. If I can do it then anyone can.

To those who have had little stumbles/blips/failed quits, etc; don't beat yourselves up about it. I have every faith that you will all be successful. I tried on multiple occasions before even getting to this stage. Whether you get straight back into it or take a while to recover is a decision only you can make. All that matters is that you keep on trying.

In case I don't get on before it, I would like to wish you all a very 'merry Christmas and a smoke free new year'. I will be enjoying a few weeks of 'Babes in the Wood' lol

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:D:D:DYou did it I will budge up on the sofa, make yourself at home, pick a bed and I love to hear someone singing in the shower in the mornings, it's lovely in here - welcome.:D:D:D


Month three...? It's behind you!

Well done Mark, great progress and hope you feel rightly proud if it. :)


Brilliant Mark, great to see you going strong and break a leg for the panto :D


Well done,'re doing so well! :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!




well done Mark

Well done Mark, you are doing great!

Enjoy the panto:)Colds are nowhere near as bad as when we smoke :Dglad you have found that too. All these benefits just keep piling up as you get further in your quit.:)


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