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No Smoking Day
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Oh My God... 22 Days!!!

I just can't believe I'm here in my 4th week! Las week was horrid, not because i quit smoking but lots of things happened at work and my personal life, which in turn put me under a lot of stress... however, I didn't smoke!! each day I'm amazed I'm still off the fags and it really feels like I'm a non smoker. Champix doesn't seem to have any more side effects on me apart from the very weird dreams! I sleep well, have lost 2 kgs, my appetite doesn't seem to have increased and I don't feel the need to replace the sticks with food... hope it lasts!

I just love this forum, particularly my fellow October quitters and their fab sense of humour :D

life is very tough at the moment but I am a non smoker :):):)

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Twenty Two Days :D That's brilliant - good for you

I remember when I joined this site you were going through some pretty tough upsetting times and now look at you :) Going from strength to strength

And how fortunate are you to not be gaining any weight? - that has to be a wonderful bonus!

Keep up the great work and continue to consider yourself An Ex-smoker :D


Oh welcome to week 4 frenchy! good to see you here :D

Champix is an absolute miracle isn't it? I've gone a bit overboard with the choc today but only cos I felt a bit hormonal...have you had that yet? no? oh just you wait ha ha ha! Another wonderful side effect of quitting :D

(having said that, you may have had yours a week early!)


Hi Corrine :D

day 22 well done you that's great keep it going

Sorry last week was so stressful for you and wll done indeed not giving in




hi JJ... yes I feel hormonal particularly this week and have been biting people's head off! I'm not sure if it's linked to the quitting or the Champix or if it's just me! :o

and like you I loooooove chocolate but fortunately I've been able to resist :)

Champix is definitely a miracle!!


29 Days going strong

hey congrats on 22 days,

whats Champix?

I'm just going cold turkey. But not having any withdrawals etc as i have when ive tried in the past. Im just using a good antioxidant drink. Wasn't my intention to use it to help me stop but its my little miracle crutch. I ran out for a week and had a few unsettling days, but nothin major.

Back on track again, feelin awesome.

also avoiding coffee to keep my levels in balance.

i stopped on the6th october (i think). or thereabouts.

i get lots of encouragement on twitter too. is anyone else here on twitter?

follow #quitsmoking thread.


wow! well done Jared! I have a lot of admiration for people doing it cold turkey.

Champix is a drug which blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain thus stopping cravings (physical ones) and withdrawal symptoms. It has a lot of various side effects but it is truly a miracle drug. :D


Hello my lovely I was wondering where you were. Day 23 how bloody fantastic, day 1 does feel like a long time ago now.

Proud of you my love.

Moving on though, where's my damn wine young lady??:)


hello Christine :D isn't it great to be here?

read your post yesterday and I too, at 40, feel like I'm going through puberty again! :eek: I really hope it's the healing process and a "it gets worse before it gets better" one!:rolleyes:

how are you doing?



oops... as for the wine, not just yet, but I have a bottle a pink champagne which will be opened for New Year's day :D


Well done Frenchy

keep it up and you will soon be in a month...(or is that 5 weeks?????) ~scratches head~ lol

Hang in there



you too Jack :D:D

ps... just read your post... what's a K.... ?



i couldnt possibly say Frenchy lol but it ends in B and has N and O in the middle lol


ah ok .... lol :D


Well done ladies, we are all still on for that 1 year party!!


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