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Day 13

Well im on day 13 and this is one of the reasons i wanted to kick that foul habit,

believe it or not but im 40 years old and yes i know i don't look it :p but look, i never wanted to go out for sunday lunch with my parents because i have never smoked in front of them and ive never told them that i SMOKED (past tense :D) stupid really the ciggie always came first......................NOT ANY MORE

But today we are going out for sunday lunch with the pair of them................................................HAPPY DAYS :D

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I was exactly the same - used to cut short meets with

People who didn't know I smoked so I could go home and smoke! How crazy is that? Now I am free and it's one of the biggest reasons I gave up too, I can now spend time in the company of family and friends without thinking constantly when I could excuse for a fag!!

Enjoy your lunch, you're right indeed, happy days!!





I used to be very ashamed of my addiction. There are so many people, especially ones that I met in the last couple of years that didn't even know that I smoked. Instead, I would just suffer in silence and find an excuse to return home where I could satisfy the chemical addiction without them knowing.

How pathetic does that sound? hey ho! All in the past now.

Hope you enjoy lunch with mum and dad!




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