Just LAUGH at those cravings

...................if you can accept that you will never be able and that you will never want a cig again you are 95% there of being a none smoker.

Whenever you get a craving just laugh at it, and remind yourself of your great new healthy life style and is it worth swapping all that for 1 ciggie to bring back STRESS, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART PROBLEMS,ANXIETY,SMELLY BREATH need i go on ;)

Just let us all remember WE ARE NOT MISSING OUT ON ANYTHING just gaining :D:D

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  • Live love laugh!!!

    1 yr anniversary to day for me...I do NOT miss the smell...

    the cold weather..standing outside....ppl looking at me like I am

    insane....the $$$ spent was over $4000!

    If you get a crave...try a lozenge under the tongue, 1/2 a tablet.

    It takes the edge off. Keep going!!! Plenty of folk here to help!

    Oh and you get more kisses too! ;)

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