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Double figures!!

So I am into double figures of not smoking, day 10! How?... I have no idea how it happened, 10 days…? I am shocked and proud :)

This forum has helped massively, reading all your posts and supportive comments means a lot, so thank you ALL :D

Went round a mates house last night, they smoke and smoke in the house - I was worried, but turns out it was fine, they went outside to smoke, 4 times in an hour at one point to be precise (4 fags in an hour, what!). It didn’t bother me at all, to be honest it was freezing and I felt quite smug haha! Their house did stink though… which wasn’t great.

Still can’t bring myself to have a beer though, I know alcohol/pub will be my downfall. So I have made a decision not to drink until Friday 1st February, in the hope that by then I will have been off the fags for a month and won’t be tempted as much. What do you think?

I hope you are all doing well, take care and good luck.


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Hi Rustler,

Well done on getting to day 10! You're doing so well :D

As far as drinking is concerned, I would just start out not drinking too much and preferably only with non smokers if you're worried about the temptation.

You're doing the right thing for now for you obviously, judging by the results!

Keep up the good work

Molly x


Thanks Molly! :)


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