Double figures

I really should have posted this yesterday but I am now halfway through day 11. Go me!!! I have a big challenge tonight as I am a keen am dram enthusiast and I am appearing on stage for my first time since starting my quit. I am used to puffing my brains out before going on stage but I really do need to just bite the bullet and go for it. Wish me 'broken legs' lol

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  • Mark, goodluck tonight - you're gonna be fine - you can do this & don't leave me here. We've got a barbie arranged for tomorrow so I'm staying off the booze just to make sure. Anyway cheers and have a good weekend & don't think about them fags. As someone posted on here a while ago - how many friends have u got who steal all your money and then kill you. Exactly

  • Well done Mark and break a leg tonight lol I knew my hammer would come in handy somewhere :D What are you in and what part are you playing?? Its too early for pantomime or I could have joined you and we could have been a little horse heehee :p

    Hope it goes well and don't worry, you'll be too busy being all thespian to think of smokes :cool:

    Zoe xx

  • Well done, Mark. I hope your play goes well.

  • Hey Zoe, keep your hammer away from me today lol.

    I'm in a comedy called Wake in the West. It's set on the West Coast of Ireland in the 60's. I play the son of a dead man who has been in America for 5 years and come back for the funeral. It's a good laugh - I normally don't get nervous at all but this play has been nerve wracking for some reason. I'll just have to keep myself occupied before I go on stage and then I'll be grand.

  • Sounds good Mark. Maybe you can video it and put it on youtube, then we can all watch :cool: Instant fame and he quit smoking too :D

  • There are clips on youtube of me in panto. I can't remember what they are under tho. I would have to dig into it.

  • Well done on day 11 Mark, good luck tonight and keep the faith :)

  • Well done Mark

    Mark you have done so well up to now. Good luck for tonight. Break a leg!

  • Hi Mark

    Well done - great feeling isn't it? Hope the performance went well and that your legs remain intact.


  • Performance went brilliantly. Thanks for all the good wishes.

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