No Smoking Day
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Into double figures :)

Day 10 for me, these 10 days have whizzed round and I hardly feel like I broke my original quit which is good stuff, in my new job nobody smokes which is very helpful and by the time I get home I am so tired I think of nothing but stuffing my face and getting some sleep, right now I have no time to dwell on quitting so this is brilliant for me, fingers crossed it stays so positive :D x

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Donna, it's so great when work fellow don't smoke! Great to see your feeling positive, rooting for you :)


Well done that girl!! :D

Donna, I really think this one is The One. Well done indeed! :)


Well done Donna, good to see you have hit double figures 👍

I will be joining you tomorrow eek!


Good for you Donna, Sounds like your well on your way and with the time change I guess you are now on day 12 - awesome


Well done Donna...first milestone reached. Rooting for you.



Double digits are a great mile stone :D I remember it like it was yesterday when I reached day 10. I felt like I conquered King Kong in a arm wrestling contest then went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Godzilla! :D

You sound really up beat about this quit and I have no doubts in my mind that you are on the path to the glorious Penthouse!


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