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No Smoking Day
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I made double figures

Day 10 :D Yesterday was horrible. I had that thought all day but today seems a lot better. Ive been for a walk along the beach and blown away all them cobwebs so im hoping the rest of the day will be a good one too.

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Well done and big congrats for day 10. I was more proud of myself at 10 days than I was for a week. Double figures mean a lot more somehow. Big achievement Moony...you're doing so well!!!

Keep i up gal and it'll be a month before you know it.

Lisa x


Congratulations Moony :D

I agree with Lisa, although every hour, day, week is an achievement, reaching double figures does somehow seem a bigger deal.

Keep going. :D



Well done Moony. Ten days was good, eleven today is better. True what has been said about double figures and the first month. When I achieved my first week smokefree after 53 years of smoking, I thought I was Superman. Dying for someone to ask me for a light so I could say "Sorry, I don't smoke" not in a reformed smoker sort of way, just fact "I don't smoke". First time someone asked me I was putting my gee gees on, bloody manager stole my thunder, she heard him ask and bawled out, "He doesn't smoke". You keep on doing what you are now and you'll be ok. Try setting yourself little goals and see how it goes. David


Well done Moony, it's making it through the grotty days that makes the good ones feel even better, it will be 2 weeks done before you know it :)


Congratulations Moony - ten days was a really satisfying milestone for me too. You seem to be doing really well, and glad that you managed to get through the difficult day yesterday.


:D Thanks all.

Its it strange how you can have a really bad day when you just cannot think of anything else but smoking and its followed by a day where you havent given it a single thought.

All going well for me today.:)


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