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No Smoking Day
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Day 10 - double figures

Hi there everybody hope your all having a great smoke free day. Just hit the big 10. Still finding it ok but noticed craves are beginning to come alot harder and faster than in week one.

Was planning to ditch the E-Cig after 2 weeks but I may have to take a long term view and keep it for abit longer.

I am suppose to go for drinks with friends this weekend but have cancelled as they are all puffers, just played the "too much on at work" card.

I was bit naive I suppose it takes time to kill the "little monster".

Anyway keep up the good work peeps. :)

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Hi JayJay

Not got anything helpful to say but a BIG Well done on day 10, me too.


Cheers MW lol I know cotton wool or desert island for a year may be the way to go :)


You don't need that.......really you don't. WE CAN DO THIS...........if we stay on this site and get the extra help from all these fab people


Hi Jay,

You keep the ecig as long as you need it, maybe it will sit in the back of your bag/pocket and you'll realise its been a couple of days.

It does take time to kill the little git, he will suddenly sneak up and sit on your shoulder breathing his stinky breathe into your face and whispering; trying to get you to 'have just one little puff, it wont hurt'. IT WILL!!! tell him to go away! 10 days is too fantastic to throw away!

Keep strong,,,only 4 days till week 2:D:D


Cheers guys, MW dont worry I will as you guys are great and congrats on big 10 for you also :) Cheers Trea congrats on your effort too very impressed :)


I know what you mean Max, friends that smoke as well as alcohol would spell disaster for me. I have had a few attempts in the past year that lasted just shy of the month but on both occasions alcohol was the reason they broke down.

A few weeks/months of the booze wont do me any harm anyway. I have a stag weekend in Spain at the end of May so im hoping I will be strong enough by that stage to cope with my surroundings :)


Well done JayJay. I also had my true test this past weekend. A few friends came over to my place, And my house is usually the "Meetup and drink" place. I was really worried I was not gonna make it. Had a few drinks, and then the urge kicked in. I felt miserable, i could not focus on anything, then my wife pulled out a big packet of chips, I ate the entire pack myself and it did the job for me forgot about the cravings a bit, was still a bit edgy, but the chips kept me busy :).


noticed craves are beginning to come alot harder and faster than in week one.

Glad it's not just me. I'm finding week two is sucky, but I'm pressuring myself into some more difficult experiences than last week with friends who do smoke. So I guess it might be my own fault, I don't know. Hang in there, I'm hanging with you!

xox Tal


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