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Day 4... No turning back now!

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I'm now on day 4 after using Allen Carrs Easy Way. I am finding this quit so much eaiser than my previous attempts and im feeling great. One of the things that is making it eaiser is that everytime i get a craving i just think its the horrible disease of smoking leaving my body, so i actually enjoy them as daft as it may sound.

Hope everyone else is enjoying there quit and stays strong.

Remeber you have nothing to lose in qutting but everything to gain.

Mr Ward :)

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Nice one Mr Ward.

Do you think it's easier this time because of the book, or just that you're more determined?

Because of the book!

If you want the truth i didnt really want to quit. My girlfriend was pressuring me into it so i thought id give the book ago. I went to bed after my last cig and though il smoke again tomorrow but upon waking i found i didnt want to.

If someone would of said to me reading a book would make you quit id of laughed but it really is pretty magic haha!

Wow. That's pretty amazing.

It was definitely something I was going to look into at one point. Good to hear it can work!!

You seem to be doing pretty awesome though!!

you still on the gum or you off that now?

Nah. I gave that up in July. Just got bored of it in the end. Was taking so little of it, and eventually forgot to take it for a day...then realised I didn't need it.

All in the mind I believe.

I will never go back. Never.

Nice one Max!!

I have read it before but still find it hard! This time it feels like something has clicked! :)

The worst thing for me was i was a secret smoker and it stopped me from visiting my parents often as i didnt want them knowing. It's so pathetic but it just show's how much smoking ruled my life.

Your right smoking addiction is mostly in the mind. The cravings themselfs are so mild you barely notice them!!

exactly! It all just makes perfect sense now :)

A person who "attempts" to quit thinking he enjoyed the cig and will miss it will go through torture when quitting and have an empty horrible feeling which i experinced before on previous willpower qutting attempts.

I always said if i was going to quit it would have to be from the tablets or by hypnotheropy. The book puts phycologial messages in your head. And much cheaper than any other methods.

I really cant belive how great and positive i feel its crazy!!

Its great seeing that your enjoying your quit aswell.

I keep seeing people saying "i miss smoking" " i feel terrible" but its honestly great seeing from other people that it can be easy rather than the doom and gloom that other people make it seem like. :) :) :)

You are right MrW. It is not all doom and gloom and it is not always hard to stop. I made a positive decision to stop on the spur of the moment but once that decision was made that was it. Other attempts were not easy and I failed, but then I was not very positive with my attemps.

I think the biggest part of quitting is training the mind and really believing you can do it.

The freedom of not smoking is certainly life changing so everyone stick at it and enjoy the freedom

Mr Ward

Well this seems like 'the one for you' You are doing fab:)

Fi x

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