Evenin everyone.. now Pm of day 4 - No Smoking Day

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Evenin everyone.. now Pm of day 4


Hi All, thanks for all the messages on my Day 3, Ive just read them and caught up... now feel awful :o as have flunked this afternoon and had just one around 4pm :mad:, feel gutted but have to move onwards and upwards and think that 1 is still better when gone CT from nearly 20 a day.

Had sinus infection & tonsilitus literally since waking up New Years day so it has kinda helped me not miss the ciggies so much as obviously Id've been in pain smoking them, not sure if thats why now Im feeling a bit better that Im missing them more... and finding it much harder.

Anyway will hopefully overcome my mild failure this afternoon and keep going, thanks for your support everyone.

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You are doing fine just keep trying we are all with you;)Jimbo

Hi Lizi-you are doing really well and dont beat yourself up too much concerning your 'minor slip'

i would make sure there are no ciggies in the house as the craving tends to go after 3 mins, and by the time you've got your coat on and leaving to buy those cancer sticks the craving hopefully would have subsided.

remember the reasons why you have chosen to be a non smoker-this helps focus your strength on refraining from puffing on the fags!!!!;)


try to stay strong the reson your finding it a bit harder is because the nicotine is leaving the body and is fighting to stay dont let it win. You have done the hardest part of CT honest. Get rid of the fags you got its to easy to give in with fags in reach. xxxx

Well done Lizi, keep it up hun you are doing great :)



dont give up lizi..it just a hick up..be strong girl .. keep the faith tony

hi lizi

don't let the blip beat you take it one day at a time everyone on here will support and help you

love margaretxxx

Thanks for all your support everyone... havent had any more 'blips' so to speak...lol so fingers crossed Im getting there now, been off work poorly so half of me is finding it easier not being at work and wanting to smoke in my breaks but then half of me is thinking surely its harder being at home all day with nothing to do but recoperate :confused:, either way seem to be doing ok!

Hope everyone else is doing good, it certainly sounds like it reading some of the other posts, well done all we can do this!

i think being at work is a lot easier to handle than being at home all day left to your own minds wishes .

i work in a office and on my team there are 4 people who smoke .

i cannot believe i use to smell like them .

it is such a relief i have got my self away from that stench of musty fags

good riddance :p

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