No Smoking Day
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My tips so far

Hello! I am no expert at all. I am only on day 11 but I wanted to share what I have discovered so far.

Stressless - This is a herbal remedy a bit like rescue remedy but in tablet form. I found I was feeling anxious rather than actually wanting to smoke. This has really helped me in the day and I also think when trying to sleep. Natural too!

Quitting - I have found it helped in my head to not call it quitting but escaping. Quitting makes it sound like you are giving something up but you are not! I also say to myself "I do not smoke" It does help

Positives - Write down the positive things at the end of each day. Start with little things like, my clothes don't smell, I didn't spend x amount of money today and then add each day. It really helps to see the good side of escaping!

Hope I don't sound like I am preaching. Just wanted to share x


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Thanks littlepixie - good tips! I like the 'escaping' bit :)


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