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Day 4, my first 'good day' (so far)


Having a really good day, I think being at work in the week makes it difficult as smoking was such a part of my routine at work.

Today I have had no NRT and no cravings!

Fantastic :)

More energy too.

Yay :D

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HI Lizzie

I am on day 4 too and feel really good yesterday was a nitemare for me i was so close to buying a packet of cigs but i didnt thankgod cause i feel dead on today. Do you think we are close to cracking it???????

Hi there everyone,

Day three for me, harder today than the previous two, could have quite easily bought some as ive been at home all day on my own, but just keep thinking I dont want to waste what ive already done. Keep going everyone we can do it:) :) :)

I got very close to cracking on Thursday night but didn't :)

Keep going all!!! :D

Reward yourselves, the worst is over!

There will still be tough times, but I keep reading that nothing is harder than the first three days, due to the continuous cravings and anxiety/anger. Congratulations, you all are doing great!


Hi guys,

Very hard tonight really really want one almost caved in and ran to the shop, but stopped myself thinking about undoing three days of determination. I hope it gets easier tomorrow.:) :) :)

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