No Smoking Day
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Day5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5 Whoop Whoop !!

;) Ok, so my excitement there was a bit overstated heehee !!! So here I am 9:00 in the morning actually braved a cup of coffee, well half a cup then ditched it and I was thinking why do I need to go thru all this Bullsh*t again argghh!!!

Then I remembered it's day 5, you made it a whole work week as a non smoker!! I use the term work loosely lol, thank G-d my boss was out of town all week because I didn't do jack sh*t all day everyday but devise new ways of keeping myself from smoking. I even convinced a coworker into quitting with me (ok I guilted her thru her kid lol) nevertheless we are doing it together. Who knows what will happen Monday as my boss will be back and I will not be able to read the forums as much. Scary for me because it has been my main source of strength and encouragement.

Home has been another story..... it would appear that I live with the only human on the damn planet who has always smoked/not smoked at will. For him it's no big deal (most days I want to smash his smug face in) there I said it ha!! On day three I said 3 days and he said "3 days what?" no seriously that's what he said..... pause here to re-read, yup really!!! That is what led to the big blow up mentioned the other evening.

Who does that???? I had to tell him to tell me how good I am doing.... :mad: he says... just don't think about it!!! Oh ok, gee thanks for that tip, why didn't I think of that? OMG !!!!!

Maybe the point in telling you all this is to say, now I know I am getting better and my warped sense of humor seems to be returning. I was soooo mad all week but now I find myself laughing out loud alot more often. (or alternatively I really have gone mad!!) :eek:

Well I guess it's time to get on with the day and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. Going to start a new workout routine today. Cardio, weights, pilates..... now that I can take a deep breath yay!!!

I sent Mr Smug out for the day, well at least part of it...... probably safer for him that way LMFAO !!!!! :cool:

I hope everyone can read this with a sense of humor and maybe find a reason to laugh at yourself today as well !!! You are all the very best and I count on you, so Thank You xoxo


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Love it! :D


Go girl......I went on a 1.5 mile run earlier....... sat watching Shrek with the kids and hoping my legs still work when I get up......

This forum is great....... when the craving comes I reach for the tablet and check out all the other quitters on here and it gives me hope......


Ramasus... wow look at you go!!! Congrats on the run man that is fantastic!!!

Were you a runner before or is this a new hobby for you?

Spring will be here and the beaches/ocean will be warm by March so I need to get my butt in gear. Trying to finish my home chores now and then thinking I need to get out of the house. Too much time here and I really start to want a cig.

Thanks for checking in on me.... and keeping me focused :)


I ran in my youth......before booze and now I am going to try and get my fitness back.......thinking of signing up for a 10k run in March......something to focus on and if I get sponsorship then I cannot back out........

Time to put your duster down and get some fresh air.......

Enjoy and catch up later.....


Keep me posted on the 10K - actually I was thinking about maybe learning/training for that kind of thing. How does one get started?


Well done Sherri.:) jacqui


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