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11 weeks

11 weeks today. As some of you might expect, I am feeling a little bit grumpy - not much, just a little bit, and less than before.

All the routine daily habits of smoking: first thing in the morning, after meals, before doing something, after doing something, before thinking about doing something! etc. All these daily triggers, habits and routines have completely disappeared. I think of smoking maybe once or twice a day, tops, and it hardly ever occurs to me to actually have a smoke.

So, new quitters, hard though it might be to believe, it won't be that long before the incessant thoughts and cravings have virtually disappeared.

On No Smoking Day on 13 March you (New Year quitters) will have been quit for about the same amount of time as I have today. You will be able to say to the flood of new quitters coming onto the site at that time the same things I am saying to you now!

Keep going, it really is worth it. :):):)

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Congratulations Biggrin!

I've noticed that the grumbling has dwindled to nothing of late, you're obviously doing really well. But I hadn't realised how far you'd come!

11 weeks, that's massive mate, big well done!

It truly is a lot easier than it was in the beginning isn't it?

You are such a support to everyone on here, and I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating!

Molly x


Massive well done mate,

11 weeks, wow. Needless to say since I came back to the forum you have been inspirational and still continue to be, without fail you are one of the reasons I am thundering towards the second month.

Cheers Biggrin and again Congratulations.



Congratulations, I'm so pleased for you. Time to pack up and move into te 3 month room:D:D:D


Molly, Don, Una - Thanks, I really appreciate the support and congrats, it feels great. :)


Oh well done, 11 weeks is fab!! :cool:


Nice one Biggrin ......... hope I will be there on 13th March smoke free.......


Thanks Biggrin, Can't wait to be where you are:)


Well done Biggrin:D Very very chuffed for you:)


Yo man!

Absolutely chuffed for you mucker...

You seem so strong can you fail now?

Oh...hang on.....answer just arrived on a post card.....YOU CANT! :D

Look I've got my THUMBS UP for you...

What you looking at?

No.....don't look at my eyes....look at the thumbs..........

Stop looking at the eyes.....

Your still looking at the eyes aren't you? :rolleyes:


Take care


- continental style rub of the cheek - xx



well done to you. We really are doing i8t qarent we? I am thrilled:D


Genius Nifty. :D


Thanks for the support everyone, it's much appreciated. :)


Massive well done Biggrin, 11 weeks is just great, the weeks just seen to be whizzing by now don't they, compared to the 1st week which seemed to last about 100 years!!

You should be well proud, not only of your quit but you've also been a positive contributor to threads on this forum giving advice and support and you're an inspiration to others earlier on in their quit!

Now get the kettle on and squish up as I'll be into month 3 tomorrow to check up on you and Greg!!!

Stay strong

Karen x


WOW! 11 weeks, not to be sniffed at! Just awesome!:)



Almost 3 months, that's just great my love:) So proud of you:) You are so lovely and a very supportive member of this forum.

Fi x



Congratulations Biggrin

You've done very well.:)

I've no doubt you'll be in the Penthouse in 2013. Also, your positive influence on people on this forum is much appreciated.


Biggrin, you sure deserve your name! Months four and five board coming atcha...


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