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No Smoking Day
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Week 11 is very ugly!

Hey guys!

I'm now into week 11 and it's ugly. I really feel I've been hit by a truck or something.

I'm constantly thinking about the stupid smokes and this time I actually want one.

I know better and I won't cave in - I've gone too far to do it now...but I am very upset having to go through this again! This morning has been really like day One all over again.

Once again, I've tried the deep breathes, the water, the magnesium and the anxiety natural supplement. I've had enough food to feed a zoo and I've gone for a few walks around the building - my colleagues are already having a laugh.

I suppose ...now...I just have to suck it up! Is this day over yet?!

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Mmaya...Strongs !....Remember I had this shocker on week 12...We identified it as a panic attack but what ever it is NASTY....I feel with you and now you must be extra strong...Surely tomorrow will be better .....


...yeah...not pretty this morning...

It has calm down a bit, Thank God! ...but very challenging, really ugly,

I'm still not well but some how the magnesium worked...again! Mag365 is my new best friend.


Hey Mmaya. Remember I had a day like this last week. I thought I'd had it! But I made it and the next day I felt completely fine again.

I think there are still times when something in our mind just suddenly relates a situation to smoking and we haven't yet got used to the idea of coping without them entirely. We THINK we have but our subconscious is still catching up.

But it's only a day, then it's gone again. And tomorrow you'll be so pleased you didn't cave in. I certainly was.


Thanks Becky, strange day indeed.

At some stage I actually nearly started crying with frustration, I don't want to smoke but it was pretty hard to stay cool today.

It's done and gone anyways and I sure hope it doesn't come back soon.

It's been hunting me since Sunday...I really hope I can sleep through tonight and wake up for a new day tomorrow.


Ah mmaya, sorry to hear you are having a tough week, it really is a roller coaster that you have got through previously, stay strong, you can do this and get past it.....


Thanks Rowens, I think it's over now finally! I must have had 5 litres of water today lol

I'm going to go to sleep early tonight and see if it's better tomorrow... I also spent the all night dreaming about smoking which is very weird, haven't had one of those in ages.

It's just random!


Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day


mmaya, I can remember lying on my couch in month 3 or 4 watching a movie or tv and then suddenly just sitting up and rising up from the couch to go outside for a smoke as I had done for years, but this was months into my quit, I couldn't believe it. To me there was no obvious trigger this just came out of the blue, the urge wasn't even one of great strength and it set in with no warning at all. Totally bizarre, I remember chuckling to myself thinking it was just the weirdest thing. Anyway, just to say that sometimes for reasons we don't understand the days are simply harder for quitters, the good thing is it becomes something we can laugh at later. Maybe tomorrow you and your co workers can have a good giggle about your crave today and just how you handled it. Stay strong!


I'm glad you posted, I'm feeling much better now.

You post really says it, there was no trigger, no stressful situation x no nothing...I managed through because I am really committed to stay off the cigarettes but around lunch time, I actually thought this was going to be the end of this quit.

I can't explain or understand where did this come from, very intense.

After lunch, I nearly came out with the smokers...some how, I managed to stop myself and survived another day...

I just hope there won't be many more like this.


Just finished another day work, I'm having a nice cup of camomile tea...today was a bit better than yesterday but nowhere good at all.

I can manage but it's exhausting and demotivating.

The thought of going back to day One really doesn't appeal to me so I must carry on. This week is proven to be by far the most difficult yet.

There were ups and downs today, I'm actually surprisingly in good form and I've managed somehow to have a laugh at the cravings, but the heart racing all day long, the serious palpitations... The anxiety, my headaches came back...I did not see that coming, I'm shocked!

I said I will not be a smoker and as per that I will not smoke!

I can't wait for all of this to be over.

For now, it's early nights, buckets of water, camomile tea and walk away...back to basics for me.


Trem can you see this? πŸ˜„ this was me at week 11 lol - with the help of tge good people on this forum I actually survived but it was very tough...I remember it very well, I didn't think I was going to make it! Good luck!


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