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If spanisheyes and walkabout are at 11 weeks...

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

...then I must be on 12! Love having quitting friends to help me keep count :)

Ridiculously, the minute I thought about my 12 week anniversary today, I also decided I'd really really like a smoke to celebrate. Where DO these thoughts come from!? Obviously I didn't do it, don't panic!

I also ran 4 miles today!! My longest run yet, still averaging just under 10 mins per mile, happy with that :D

My last few days in this room - best bin all the sweetie wrappers and re-alphabetise the bookshelf...

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Congratulations your doing fantastic and I agree the most random thoughts pop in uninvited lucky your on guard and shooting them down before they get a step in xxxx

Ps wow on the running front I'm starting diet and fitness on the 1st June going to polish the treadmill and start slow so I may be up to your standard by 2018 haha well done xxx

For some reason I thought you were way in front, but 12 weeks is great. Your doing well with the running too, afraid I'm too old for that, but it's swimming pool weather here now so I'm building up my lengths day by day now, great having your own pool, one of the best things about living here. I love being able to swim without gasping for breath, then drying off in the sun puffing away on a cancer stick. My pool is 8 metres long and I actually managed to swim 80 lengths today without needing an oxygen mask lol.

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free in reply to nsd_user663_63741

Oooh your own pool! I am envious - LOVE swimming, but can only manage once a week or so coz of distance from pool/free-time ratio. Enjoy yours :)

Agree :) sounds great! I love swimming, been going to my local pool twice a week for the last few weeks :)

Way hey, doing fantastic, keep fighting those urges, they will become less and less.

You a great candidate for the penthouse


Hi Spanish,

It is truly fantastic that you are 11 weeks. And handling all the triggers with confidence. I know you had that bad day but you don't waiver on your commitment and that's great. I have a wedding with the old smoking friends next Friday. I may well spent it posting on here in the loo!

I was trying to say I know I can do it though because even if I am in the loo reading your posts I know they'll help x

Ha I even posted on wrong thread. Drinking wine trying to practice for next week. I've had too much and it's causing craves .. Why do I find it ok till I drink. I've eaten box of after eights, feel sick and think I'd better go to bed. Maybe I should have tackled alcohol early on it seems to be my only real issue.

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free in reply to AnnMarie74

I'm giggling :) Sorry AnnMarie, but that's funny!

Ooo!!!!!! hope your feeling better after a good night sleep AnneMarie, eating a whole box of after eights tend to make you a bits icky, nothing to do with the wine though :0)

12 weeks down and under 10 minute miles - Absolutely fantastic Incy!!

Hi Incy :)

Thrilled that you are moving on, but going to miss you in this room - are you allowed visitors??

Very impressed with the running too, can't imagine running for 40 mins!!

12 weeks is amazing! A non smoker for sure :)

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Aw, thanks so much everyone - I love this forum :)

Hattie, you absolutely must come and visit - we'll have gin and biscuits, everyone's invited :) anyway you're not too far behind are you?

3 wks :( As you say I'll have to nip over for pop and crisps :)

So, you´re leaving us for a while. You know we´ll be stalking you? 6th June we´ll be joining you. 12 weeks. Great going. 12 is such a satisfying number. And 3 months will be a fine achievement. And the running. Clocking under 10 minutes per mile and running 4 miles. Lovely going.


I'm in trouble again. It's alcohol and I have a weekend away right now which hurts. Thank you Incy because I won't let you down on our together journey and it's all that keeping me strong right now.

Yep, just do not give in to the smoking. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy relaxing with a drink, and enjoy the company. If not enjoying, excuse yourself and go to bed. You´ll be happy in the morning. You are doing this. Keep going.

Ann Marie!! Stay strong girlfriend xxxxxxx go back down to small chunks of time (I won't have a fag with this drink..) . You can absolutely do this, you will be so grateful to yourself in the morning :) :) :)

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free in reply to AnnMarie74

AnnMarie - you can do this my amazing strong brave quitter of a friend! Just remember Not Smoking is the thing you really want - any bit of you that things otherwise is just the monster interfering! Look how far we've come - we're awesome!

And have fun :)

Thanks everyone. Didn't expect to struggle this weekend but I have. Not smoked though just thought I'd check in and let you know. Took advice and went to bed. Sunday was better because I was back to feeling good about why I choose not to smoke. You're all brilliant x

Hi Incy

Well done in your success, come back and visit sometime and give us an update, I'll be here for quite some time yet, it has been great sharing my journey with you even though it's only been a short time.


I need help, maybe it's just my iPad or maybe I have run out of patience I'm not sure but can you tell me how to make a new post haha, I can reply to posts but for the life of me I can't make a new one :0) (how stoopid)

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