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Fab day


Well, I've walked five miles today at a rate that would have bad me huffing and puffing, feeling light headed and nauseous, and basically ill. Today I wasn't even that out of breath and recovered really quickly.

I basically felt amazing, really pleased with myself and so utterly relieved that my breathing is so much better and I'm FREE!!!

So all newbies, please hang in there. You wouldn't believe how good you're going to feel so very soon!

I can't believe how much happier I am now!!

Just wanted to share,

Wishing you all strength

Stand firm, stay strong

Molly x

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Go Molly! That's awesome!

I was quite active before I quit but didn't realise how much smoking held me back from being properly fit. The improvement in circulation was great, I remember the winter after quitting putting my gloves on out of habit but my hands getting too warm. That never happened as a smoker.

The increased flow of blood around your body makes any activity so much easier as it takes oxygen instead of carbon monoxide around with it.

Its great that you are feeling the results, and sharing them with us all. Thanks!

And as you say everyone can reap those rewards if as you say they stand strong and firm (no Kitkat not like that!:p)

Oh that's fab Molly!!

I was pretty fit before I quit, but even though my last fag was less than a month ago, am amazed how much better my breathing is, especially walking up the steep hills around where I live.

And I was busy convincing myself pre-quit that my smoking hadn't done me any harm :confused:

Well done :)

Gemma x

Go Mols

Go Mols

Reading that makes me want so much to get out on the bike.

You've inspired me...I'm going for a 30 miler tomorrow, that'll be the furthest I've ever gone :D

Of course....if I'm half way round and suddenly realise I'm knackered....I'll be saying "that bloody Molly eh? Schnazz fazza bazza grumble grumble Pnerrr!"


Thanks Mols




NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

What kind of bike you on Greg, mountain or road?

I've neglected my cycling (road bike) lately but I want to get out and do some soon. There is a cycling club locally and they do a social ride every Sunday I used to go but the rides are generally 30-50 miles and its quite hilly around here so I think I ought to do a few weeks of solo riding before I go out with them again.

Hiya Nic, thank you for your reply, I never mind sharing the good things, my walk made me feel brilliant!

Thanks Gemma, you don't really realise til you've quit do you, I'm so pleased that you've quit. You've got all those hills to make you feel good as well, go girl!

Greg, I'm totally positive that you don't need inspiring chuck. If you start flagging half way round just imagine Karen, Biggrin and me following armed with ......... Guess what?!!

That should do the trick :D

Life's pretty darn good innit!

Molly x

Hi Nic

Just got a new all carbon specialized roubaix road bike before Christmas.

I absolutely love it!! :D

I had a cheap and cheerful hybrid before that and its like comparing a Fiat Panda to an Aston Martin!!

Sooo worth the money.

I know what you mean.

I have been asked by a couple of mates, keen for me to stay quit, if I'd like to join them on their next sportive. I'd love to....

But....its 60 miles and has 2 one mile hills in it!!! :eek:

That's definitely the kind of thing I'm going to aim for but er....maybe not just yet! :D

Cycling is great isn't it?

It's cycling that started me quitting. I knew I couldn't get any better whilst I still smoked.

How long have you been riding?

Sorry Mols

not trying to hi-jack your thread...honest! :o

It is a bit of an obsessive sport......

this is part of my master plan to get the whole forum turned into a cycling forum.....then ....... the world!!




Well I'll bow out of this one and let you (scrunches up face) boys play.

Now if you'd talked dog walking, ah well

Miffed Molly x

Nothing wrong with dogs Mols! :(

Warmed up....in a finger roll ..... fried onions, mustard and tomato sauce!

Booootiful! :D

At the risk of sounding really obsessive......if you get a bike you could walk the dog even quicker and for longer!

How good is that!

Unless of course your doggy only has ickle legs ..... that might be a struggle for her then! :eek:




Greg, you're going to get yourself into bother if you refer to doggies as edible! That moves waaaaay past trout and into killer whale territory!

I have a chocolate lab with dodgy elbows, she still loves going for a walk though

Bikes are not for me I'm afraid, I like to use my own two feet

Good for you though, I can see the appeal

Molly x


Sensing hostility.....the endorphins must be kicking in!

Soz Mols.... :o

I meant one of these!


I'll fetch my coat! :D

That's so cute Greg! You're forgiven boyo

Molly x

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Mine is a cheap and cheerful alloy road bike (Vitus) that Chain reaction were selling off as a past a season job. Its got a Campagnolo (spp?) group set and weighs about 10kg. I started in late 2009 as I needed to up my fitness as I was going for my black belt in mid 2010 and always seem to injure myself while running. I hardly did anything in 2012 (bike or martial arts) due to various injuries (its great growing older!) but intend to shift a load of weight this year. Once got into it the 30-50 milers were quite easy but the longest ride I did was 80 miles and was I shattered after.

Never done a sportive but they seem like a great goal, I'd love a carbon one day enjoy yours!

You'll notice the difference so much with a carbon Nic.

I was really amazed.

The hybrid I had was a Raleigh Grande and weighed around 12kg

This one must come in at around 7kg, you can pick it up with 2 fingers!

The one I really wanted was the 2012 Specialized Roubaix as it had Ultegra hardware on it, I paid the deposit and waited about 2 weeks then they rang and said it wasn't available any more....I was gutted! It was a one finger pick up! Most exciting thing you can do in a bike shop....with your clothes on! lol

I just got a letter published in Cycling Active magazine about riding and quitting smoking, how it has changed my life around.....only really did it to try and get letter of the month and get £200 worth of free gear! hehehe!

Alas....I didn't get it! :rolleyes:

Oh dear......I am starting to sound a bit sad now aren't I :o

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Yes Greg, you (we) are :p but don't all of us middle aged lycra-louts!

I went from a 14kg mountain bike to my current one so I know what you mean. Mine is on a par with an Allez, from what I can tell out on the road, but it doesn't have the name!

Right that's settled it I'll pipe myself into the oh so attractive clothing on Sunday (working tomorrow) and see how I get on.



Molly - delightful and inpiring post, lovely. :)

Thanks Gemma, you don't really realise til you've quit do you, I'm so pleased that you've quit. You've got all those hills to make you feel good as well, go girl!

It's amazing isn't it?

Can't believe how much difference it's made already - and how much I ignored or was in denial about!

Thanks and well done to you!! :)

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