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Day 6 and Feeling Fab!


5 fulls days and half an hour with no fags. Whoooop Whooopp!!

I feel like I should have an I quit smoking party to celebrate. A nice meal out with OH will be safer I think but still I feel like celebrating!

I've just got to keep the habit of reaching for the ecig instead of going to the shop when I'm craving. I need to make a point of keeping the ecig charged and ready even though most of the time I feel like I don't need it. It needs to be handy for the first time I encounter another smoker. Or the next time I get upset or angry.

I intended to start putting a limit on my over eating and over spending at the end of the first week. But actually, it wasn't an issue beyond the first few days. I've eaten quite sensibly for the last two days. I'll still give myself some lee way if it helps with the cravings.

I've been doing rather silly "deskercise" leg lifts and butt clenches etc so I'm hoping that will start to counter-act my few days of indulgence. As well as the long term effect on my flabby bits! I think it does help with the cravings and mood swings too. Not as much as walking the dog but I can't do that and work at the same time. I have to wonder if that's also contributing to my increased energy levels. I think I'm gonna hunt for an "app for that" and see if I can keep it up long term.

Good luck everyone!

Keep going!

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Yay, cheers for the encouragement Max.

Ooh that's brilliant, well done Bridie!!

Nearly a whole week under your belt - and you must treat yourself :D :D

Cheers Gemma

Plumbers late - again. Boilers producing luke warm water neither use nor ornament for a bath or washing up. It's been running for about 20 hours now.

I'm peeved!

I'm puffing away on my ecig and pacing ready to rip the guy's head off when he gets here! I'm gonna have to find anyway of getting my anger out, getting nasty with the plumber won't help anything. And neither will having a real fag. I seem to be getting my brain around that concept now. Stress and aggro = ecig instead of real fag.





Not sure why that helps but it kinda does!?

Warning, i am about to rant, feel free to disregard . . .. .

I've given myself the past 5 days off doing anything i don't feel like doing, so long as I don't smoke. I've neglected work and the housework to my hearts content.

I've got all this stuff I want to achieve, I "make stuff", curtains, sofa covers, cushions covers, over door organizers, rugs, clothes, scrapbook albums, pictures etc etc etc. So many projects so little time!! Which is more important, which one to start first, which one do I feel like doing right now . . . I get a few free hours and I waste them procrastinating!

And worse than that, I have to "make stuff" as part of my job. It's today's bit of work that I really shouldn't blow off. And this weeks demonstration is for products that I don't really "get". It's not my taste, it doesn't appeal to me, I'm not a fan so therefore I have precisely zero inspiration. I can't seem to bring myself to make something that is supposed to look like it's been made by a child.

I decided to put tea on then sit down with a piece of paper and try to organize my thoughts. I have just manged to burn a jacket potato - in the microwave!?!!? What the?!!? It's proper burnt, my kitchen stinks ?!

I'm hungry but I don't fancy the rather crap **** au vin I defrosted for tea. It sounded awesome from the recipe but I think I mucked up somewhere. I don't want a fatty take away, just like having a fag it wouldn't actually make me feel better, just guilty along with bloated.

Grrrr!! I hate being indecisive!! It proper winds me up when I get like this.

I do however have a solution previously unavailable to me . . . . I'm going to go and have a nice long hot bubble bath!!!

But waaa, I need to clean the living room first waaaa. I feel over whelmed with responsibilities I've put on myself that in the grand scheme of things don't matter at all.

All I need to do is to get focused and organised, prioritize, divide and conquer! Stuff the cleaning, it'll be there tomorrow (along with tomorrows jobs . . .). A bath and an early night.

And no fags! i might just get myself a chocy bar thu . . .

Ha ha, just looked at my post.

I see there's swear word censoring on this site. I tend not to swear in online comments particularly when it's just not appropriate - hence the hammering of the punctuation!

But my dinner has been qualified as a swear word. Lol, that cheered me up.

It's the four letter word short for cockerel or chicken in french. A swear word technically I guess!!!

Hey, this site is good - the giggle cheered me up no end.

Off for chocoy then going to mangle something up for tea then bath. Oh, ecig in the bath - ohhh! Never smoked in the bathroom . . .

Hehe thats hilarious!! did you spell it the French way ie with a q or with a ck?

the English way with a ck!

Oh it did tickle me.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new bath!!! It was sooo worth the extra for the bigger longer bath. I cannot wait to arrange candles and smellies in there! Oh it's going to be such a nice room!

I feel the same way. But I can't stop. The more things I do the less I think about smoking. I can't stay still. I can't keep a thought. I bought a bunch of needlework projects to keep me busy but I can't concentrate long enough to do them. As soon as I get motivated I'm going out to my garden.

Hope your day gets better. You're doing great!!!

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