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feeling fab


Day 24, how great is this, the only time i think i might have one is after white wine and i don't have any in the house or a shop i could go to, so i just don't.

Feeling good during the day and i am getting fit,walking the dog 5 days a week for about 1hr, I even jogged a little the other day but felt like an idiot.

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I'm really proud of you, Bev! You've really made your mind up this time and from the looks of it, this will be your last quit :) Well done! Congratulations on entering month1!!!

thanks guys it is really nice to know i still have support out there.

Hi Bev

Welldone girl, your doing fine but only one hour a day for 5 days, what sort of dog have you got a virtual one.

I have to walk my nutters 4 hours a day 7 days a week or

List of their triumphs:-

Ate a hole in wall between kitchen and hall

Ate the car

Ate a chloe handbag

Ate the bannister

Ate the dining room carpet

Ate the lawn (they have had to astro turf the whole garden)

Dragged her across a main road on her elbows and knees

Been expelled from 2 dog trainers


i have a black Lab, and OH walks her in the evenings and weekends, so she isn't just getting one hour a day.

i love the fact that your dogs ate your car, i have a Land Rover how long do you think it will take them?

Hope you r enjoying your weekend i'm doing the ironing:(

Yeh great, Shovelled more sh*t this afternoon and can't even ride the nags cause of the boobs, thats why Im having them made smaller, but hubby wants me to ask my surgeon if he can do one big one and one small pert one, pervert!!!!

And it would take them exactly 7 mins to destroy your landy because thats all it took them to destroy my estate car

Caroline xxx

Just a matter of keeping things under control when you have a drink now innit. Does red wine affect you in the same way?

I think it is alcohol that does it, but maybe i should try different types, as a controlled experiment, to aide future members of the forum of course, i could try a different suggested drink every night and i could feed back live during the evening.

so what am i having tonight guys?

White wine tends to make the room spin for me if i have too much of it, but give me a Rioja, or other red wine for that matter, i seem to be able to handle it better.

So i will start you off bev, get a bottle of red, but just take your time on it.. red wine is nice anyway, don't need to be quaffed quick to enjoy the night.

Hey Bev,

Great to hear your doing well with your quit, and getting plenty of exercise walking the dog. Keep going and your'll soon be jogging with the dog and not worrying about how you look, lol.

Can't help with the drink suggestion im afraid, Im not a wine drinker. I only drink vodka redbulls or buds when I go out, and I don't drink at home.

Maybe a nice fruit smoothie???

I find that getting sooo pssd is helpful as you cant smoke when you've passed out, so meths is as good as anything hic!

ok i'm making a note, red wine followed by vodka redbull, and then meths, anybody taking odds on me making it to the end of the week?

I suggest something revolting like .....Advocaat? :p That should have no pleasurable associations with smoking :D

strangely, after being not so big a drinker, I stopped drinking for 5 months totally after I quit. Now I find it is most lovely. Cant beat a good few g and t's to get yourself paranoid. Not tried meths since quitting.... Keep on with your quit xx

Hi Bev,

I'm off the booze again after horrible craves last night. Sets me right off. Maybe you and I should stay off the wine for a bit. I don't know what it is but my glass of vino doesn't seem the same without you know what anymore!!!

BUT...if you're willing to experiment with different drinks then I'm all for it (purely in the name of scientific research you understand) and when you find one that doesn't trigger you can tell us all your findings. Try not to do a Winehouse though and end up in rehab.

If you have 2 drinks at once then you cant have you know what, no more hands, just been looking in the drinks cuboard and I have a bottle of rum we brought back from Barbados thats 80%. If you tried to smoke while drinking that you'd burst into flames and then there's always stolli, put it in the freezer for a couple of hours then drink neat. By the time you had got your ashtray you'd be flat out.

See your talking to the expert here


ok Jase had red wine tonight and the answer is..................................

quack quack whoops no still felt the need to have a cancer stick attached to my fingers. so whats next, of course

amsie suggested vodka redbull, or bud when out but maybe fruit smoothie, sorry i've never heard of fruit :confused:so i'll try the vodka redbull. open evening at school tomorrow so it will have to wait till wednesday or maybe .........

Well don't experiment too much, was just wondering if red wine affected you different to white.. sometimes (just like some folk say red gives them a hangover where for others it doesnt') kinda stuff.

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