No Smoking Day
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My Reasons

I guess it's good to get these out there!!

I quit because I was scared of dying, pure and simple.

I had been meaning, and trying to quit on and off for a number of years, but never got to that point where I accepted that I no longer wanted to smoke, and that I would never smoke again.

My Uncle was diagnosed this time last year, with terminal cancer caused by drinking and smoking. He was 49, and that really bought it all home.

We never know what will get us in the end, but I want to know I've done everything within my power to lead a full, long and happy life.

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Good for you!

Hi LDG, we all need a wake up call and the good thing is you have recognised yours. I too quit because of someone elses health so it just shows how powerful the desire to live a long and healthy life is. Good for you and best wishes for a happy


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