No Smoking Day
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2 down...lots to go

Today there are no temptations left in the house.

I got rid of the last remaining packets I found yesterday (not an easy thing to do, but SO glad I did), and my wife (who smokes) has gone back to work.

I'm eating like a horse, but I'll deal with that later. I'm 6'7" so if I get fat I'll just look bloody scary :D

So, today's distraction is going to be taking my little girl to the cinema to see Tinkerbell in 3D :rolleyes:

Hope that my fellow 1/1ers - DaBear, thrillhouse, ShoeGal, and everyone else - are finding the strength to keep going. Let's keep doing it!

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Very positive post anti

Lovely to hear :)

It's great to see that you are all sticking together and helping each other through this.

Stay strong :)

Take care



Agreed lots to go...

I'm in day 3 now - was a little rough today but nothing that tested my patience. I am eating anything I can get my hands on and get very sleepy out of nowhere with no warning which is crazy!

Let's see how we continue to get on...


Well done both'll get on just fine!

If you don't ...... I know this bloody great 6'7" bloke who will pay you a visit for a talking to :D

Take it slow and easy, baby steps.

Honestly, before you know it you will be weeks down the line wondering where all the time went.

Stay strong and keep going

all the best



6'7" man mountain going to see tinkerbell...................:)


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