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9 Months (Almost) and Another Year Older!!

Hello All

Well, this is Day 270 for me, and it is also my birthday. Happy Birthday also to Jamangie and Mimi2175. :)

I pass through the 9 month point next week. I can see the Penthouse coming into view! :) OMG, 8 months ago, I did not think I would make it, but here I am.

Many thanks to all those on here who have helped me. Some of you are very soon to celebrate a year quit.

Very best wishes to all the new quitters. Take heart, take it one day at a time, take all the advice and support on here that you can get, and you will win this battle. Make that conscious choice every day. Fight back if /when it gets tough. Hold on tight to the hands of Patience and Dogged Determination. I promise it gets better. :D

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Hi Shaz

Happy Birthday and thanks for an uplifting post :)

It's great to hear of success stories further down the line than we are.

Well done and hope you enjoy your journey to the top :D

Take care



Shazza, well done!

WOW! Shazza 9 months is just brill, cant believe how quickly that has gone by and I always felt as though I had been quit a lot longer than you too!:confused:

So so pleased for you. Well done my friend!:)


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